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Optimize your automation.

 A Qualitools product

Keeping up with ever changing needs of software development and quality standards, demands robust automation that is rapid, light weight yet efficient and flexible to future needs of the team and product.
We used our deep industry and technology understanding, and business assurance practices to strategically design a coded framework that removes complexity and aligns with your business goals, focussing on your ROI.

Your Benefits

Gain control over your entire testing process.

Qualiframe’s flexibility and seamless integration with build tools provides successful automation much earlier in the lifecycle, with reduction in defect leakage across phases. Partnering with us on automation leadership, engineering & consultation, together with the right tool, assures efficiency and ROI, delivering a higher quality product in less time and labor, saving costs.


Scalable complete solution.

Qualiframe evolves with product changes providing you a scalable and flexible solution for future maintenance and testing needs of any testing team.


Increased coverage.

Gain higher overall test coverage, including devices and browsers, across all layers and types of testing, such as non-GUI and non-functional, reducing defect leakage.


Advanced BI and AI with Qualitools.

Achieve real time progress and advanced reporting to ensure visibility using Qualiview and AI-driven test optimization with Qualisense.


Increased flexibility and control.

Agnostic to scripting language, Qualiframe offers you a flexible framework that can be adopted for any test design implementation from BDD, KDT, DDD to POM to adapt with your needs.


Test earlier and faster.

Take advantage of seamless integration and plugins to facilitate a shift left approach to enable you to test much earlier in your product lifecycle.


Get strategic automation.

Have a well-balanced testing team employing expert users with deep industry understanding, as well as test engineer professionals with strong technical expertise.

Our Features

Your one-stop shop for intelligent automation.

Qualiframe is everything you need to enable you to produce and implement dependable and also flexible and dynamic automation tests across your platforms. It is a feature-rich enterprise framework, providing consistency and unique approach to our automations services.


Core Frameworks

Automation engines, agnostic of scripting language, with functions and capabilities to produce reliable automation tests across multiple platforms.



Abstracted implementation & simplified configuration to provide simpler understanding, easy of learning and implementation by all levels.


Component-Based Model

To ensure the solution remains lightweight yet capable of continuously adding and independently integrating new features into an existing solution.



A Verification layer to be absorbed by the Test Design to ensure every action is verified in industry-standard Test Frameworks, ensuring test consistency across multiple projects.


Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Additional tool integrations to allow us to flexibly extend our frameworks with additional enhancements as we develop them.



Our Qualiframe assets use industry standard packaging capabilities to deliver frameworks directly to your door.

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