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Make government software accessible to one and all.

Technology has the power to transform local and national government, but it needs to work for all the people, all the time. For accessible, 100% defect-free software, Qualitest is just the ticket.

how we can help you

We’re here to serve you, and the public.

From managing massive voter files to communicating critical public safety alerts, we’ll make sure your software performs perfectly and serves your budget well too.

Comply with accessibility guidelines
such as ADA and WCAG 2.0.

Assure reliable performance
even under extreme demand.

Increase efficiency
by up to 40%.

Speed up releases
with AI and automation.

Your Benefits

Give people tech they can actually use.

Empower private citizens and government workers with user-friendly, reliable apps and web content. After two decades as a QA and testing leader, that’s the only kind we deliver.

Drive peak performance.

Ensure stability, accessibility and reliability even during maximum stress periods, such as elections and emergencies.

Cut time and boost efficiency.

Simplify tasks and reduce manual processing time by up to 40% with AI, ML and automation.

Secure sensitive data.

Block breaches of voter data and other confidential information with security built into your SDLC.

Assure accessibility.

About 15% of the world population is disabled. Make your software easy for everyone to use and win compliance with WCAG 2.0 and ADA.

Our Solutions

We’ll prep your tech to take the pressure.

As public and private sector activity increasingly moves online, your systems and software need extra endurance. We’ll test your tech until it’s in shape to handle anything.

Performance and Load Testing

We’ll test for functionality under both normal loads and heavy stress, such as virtual town halls or online voting.

Systems Integrations

Leveraging our SAP and Oracle partnerships, we’ll tailor seamless integrations for smoother reporting, record-keeping and communication.

Verification & Validation (V&V)

We’ll independently assess whether your tech meets its requirements and use automated and manual testing to validate its usability.

Derisked Digital Transformation

We’ll help you enable an effortless cloud transition and reduce risks with automation, ML and our AI-powered testing tool, Qualisense.

Managed Crowd Testing

Our enormous pool of real-world users can test any mobile phone or device as well as any platform, OS or network 24/7.

Accessibility Testing

We’ll test that your tech can accommodate people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, learning and many other types of disabilities.

“The efforts of the test team to derisk the data center migration by honestly reporting the risks and issues and pushing to get them resolved was a major factor in our success.”

— Mark Briggs, Chief Information Officer, Essex County Council


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