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See clearer, test better and achieve more.

 A Qualitools product

Qualiview is a fully customizable software testing and quality engineering analytics system that aggregates and visualizes quality and test data for software programs, releases and builds, using interactive web-based dashboards and reports.

Your Benefits

Now insights are in plain sight.

Qualiview enables better control over your testing data and provides valuable insights that can improve your practices, processes and overall results. Know exactly what’s going on to know exactly where you’re going.


Take advantage of complete customizability.

Get customized integrations/connectors for your tools, as well as customized UI and look & feel of up-to-date dynamic data.


Save time and effort.

We do all the heavy lifting for you – Data analysis, ETL, mapping and creation of dashboards/views – and analyze and react in minimum time.


Gain invaluable insights.

Take advantage of overarching insights as an ongoing consultancy and coaching and specific insights based on best practices that provide useful business intelligence.

Our Features

Qualiview enables you to see clearly.

With Qualiview you can customize your view of your operation so you can focus on what matters, empower your teams and understand how everything clicks together. Our advanced system can help ensure you handle your most important resource well – information.


Real-Time Reporting

Qualiview reports across major platforms and tool sets including development, test and defect management, QMO as well as continuous integration tools to provide holistic consolidated and standardized reporting.


Ready to Use Dashboards

Automation, DevOps, Performance, Service Delivery and User Experience views, as well as templates customizable by KPIs, team, tasks, organizational levels and more.


Flexible and Effective

Create unlimited users, share any report or insight with the people who need it, set up alerts. Cloud and on-premise installation options.


Qualiview Simplifies Reporting for Leading Food & Distribution Company, Aids Decision Making


The Client, one of the UK’s leading food and distribution companies, which relies on Qualitest for testing their SAP applications, moved from using a PowerBI Dashboard to Qualiview as their dashboard of choice for all project information and reporting.
However, soon after deployment the Client requested to overhaul their dashboard with a series of changes and cosmetic enhancements and make it similar in look & feel to the previous dashboard.


Qualitest identified data gaps, which helped the Client to improve the quality of their test. Qualiview provided an enhanced view, including graph, of “Planned vs. Actual” to aid better planning and estimation, and also enabled dashboard snapshots across legacy versions of their main browser.


Qualitest worked closely with the Client to devise solutions to their challenges, resulting in a custom, sleek looking dashboard that has all the key metrics and layout that were above and beyond the Client’s original expectations – with company logos, optimum colors and data visualizations that truly stand out.

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