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Media software testing that’s ready for anything.

Our customized QA & software testing solutions assure fast, continuous, high-quality content streaming on any device or platform, even when extraordinary news or media events spike sudden extreme demand.

how we can help you

We’ll make your apps rock the ratings.

Crash-proof, user-friendly apps are what customers want. Our smart, rigorous testing ensures that’s exactly what you’ll give them, no matter the number of simultaneous users. Benefit from our dual strengths: in-depth industry knowledge and QA expertise.

Test extreme loads 
as much as 100x normal.

Increase play store ratings and avoid negative social media.

Accelerate release schedules by up to 6x.

Reduce mobile app crash rate by up to 90%.

Your Benefits

Deliver content at the speed of digital.

Slow-loading web pages and videos full of frustrating pauses are anything but entertaining. Keep customers happy and engaged while reaching performance and business goals like these.

Manage subscriptions in real time.

Benefit from our ability to assure both the fast, reliable portal and skilled, secure management of big data online media providers need.

Accelerate releases.

Our smart, data-driven testing approach means fewer tests, which means a faster time-to-release–crucial to keep ahead of today’s nonstop news cycles.

End fragmentation issues.

Even the most visually rich apps and websites will work perfectly on any device, model and operating system.

Cut costs and raise ROI.

Our Automation and AI capabilities drive down testing costs and can boost efficiency by 40 percent.

Prevent theft of service.

By incorporating our expert IDM testing early in your development process, you can ensure that the systems that prevent theft of service are actually efficient as well as prevent unexpected impact on other parts of your IT ecosystem.

Achieve SOX compliance.

Effectively address SOX compliance challenges and show investors, employees, and other stakeholders that you have procedures in place to prevent fraud, the right data is available to only controlled and entitled workforce, and that your financial reports are accurate and reliable.

Our Solutions

Steal the show with superior quality.

During normal times or big events, such as election cycles and wildly anticipated series premiers, we help world-leading media brands deliver app performance that spells customer satisfaction.

Performance & Load Testing

You’ll never keep a user waiting for breaking news. Before the 2016 election cycle we tested 2 million simultaneous users–100x the normal load–so our client would be ready.

Managed Crowd Testing

We can test on thousands of real devices (Android, iOS, Microsoft and more) and platforms 24/7 in the cloud to keep crashes out of the user experience.

Derisked Digital Transformations

We’ll create and manage a digital transformation that mitigates risk and minimizes disruption to your media business.

Shift-Left Approach

We identify gaps and risks early in the process to reduce defects at later stages and avoid project delays.

Focused Oversight

A dedicated engagement manager and QA experts will work with your teams throughout the SDLC.

Global Delivery Model

We’ll help you choose exactly the right mix of nearshore, offshore and onsite locations to minimize costs, maximize convenience and ensure instant scalability.

Identity Management (IDM) Testing

IDM is a key component to stop PII theft and theft of service. Our expert testing covers authentication, services token exchanges, encryption of credentials, vulnerability testing, credential verifier as well as authentication and deactivation.


Qualitest Enables a Seamless Digital Transformation for a World-Leading Weather App


The Client wanted a flawless, unified web/mobile experience for their billions of global weather app users. The project required ground-up mobile app development, legacy system upgrade and a more robust QA role.


Client and Qualitest established strategic goals to improve processes and reduce time to release. Qualitest initiated Agile/Scrum adoption and end-to-end test automation. Early testing allowed shift-left.


Android & iOS mobile app development was completed with quality goals met. Release time was cut by ⅔. Android mobile apps crash rate reduced by 10x. Agile best practices were unified across all Client projects.

“The great thing is costs were reasonable, my team didn’t have to leave the office, it barely had an impact on workload, it addresses the need and desire for training and the team have a clearer view of test process and test techniques.”

— Glen Beckett, BSkyB


Take a closer look at our QA services and capabilities. 

What are your long-term and short-term goals for your media business? Learn how we can work with you to help meet them, and more.

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load testing & app performance



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managed crowd testing


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