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Using the continuous testing platform from Tricentis, you can release software insanely fast. Accelerate software delivery by drastically reducing test cycles times. Reduce costs by eliminating those old errorprone manual or siloed testing methods. And dramatically increase the quality of your software. The result? Everything changes. Your business wins more business, eliminates bottlenecks, and creates fiercely loyal customers.

Your Benefits

Don’t just release software. Unleash it.

Fuel innovation. Win business. Drive growth. Today’s digital transformation begins with rethinking the way software is built. That’s where enterprise automation from Tricentis comes in. Release software at the speed of wow.
Tricentis has teamed up with global systems integrators and companies like Qualitest to help you innovate faster, lower costs, and reduce business risk.


80% faster.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and the efficiencies of the cloud, you can accelerate software delivery by reducing test cycle times as much as 80%.


90% automated.

Tricentis’ platform is AI-driven and codeless, helping you eliminate error-prone manual testing and achieve end-to-end test automation rates >90% to reduce costs.


85% risk coverage.

Boost release confidence and obtain business risk coverage >85%. The quality of your software goes up. The stress of your day goes down.


Deliver SAP updates 85% faster with 100% risk coverage.

Tricentis LiveCompare provides AI-powered impact analysis for SAP updates, exposing the risks to your critical business processes lurking in any standard or custom change, and tells you the most-at-risk areas that need to be tested.


How the Linde Group Simplified Testing Across Complex SAP, Salesforce, Web & Mobile Apps


Linde’s Head of Service and Security Management, Andreas Aigner, realized that they couldn’t just speed up their existing QA approach—they had to fundamentally change it. To satisfy expectations of increased application coverage with greater speed but lower costs, they had to dramatically simplify testing. They partnered with Tricentis to establish a new testing approach that enabled everyone from developers to business users to automate testing for everything from SAP, to Salesforce, to mobile apps.


Automate testing for everything from SAP, to Salesforce, to mobile apps.


  • Scriptless approach enabled higher test automation rates, with significantly reduced maintenance effort.
  • A single solution supports SAP, Salesforce, mobile, web and other technologies involved in end-to-end transactions.
  • Selenium tests are integrated into the Tricentis platform for end-to-end testing.
  • Risk-based approach highlights what to test first and how to allocate testing resources.
  • Internal TCoE resources could be applied to any type of projects that required testing—improving efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Agile and DevOps initiatives are supported with capabilities like CI/CD integration, native API testing, broad technology support, lights-out execution, and test data management.
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