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Derisk your retail digital transformation.

If you’re lagging behind in digital transformation, you’re not maximizing your e-commerce potential. Send customer satisfaction soaring with a seamless shopping experience that’s free of business risk.

how we can help you

Offer the user experience your customers deserve – guaranteed.

From POS testing to app rating gains and sale season rollouts, we’re your retail testing experts. We’re also experts in mitigating business risk. Cash in on our unique double strengths.

Achieve seamless implementations
of OMS, WMR, TMS and other technologies.

Cut costs
with AI-driven risk-based testing.

Reduce testing time
from days to hours.

Boost efficiency
by up to 40%.

Your Benefits

Deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Customers demand smooth, fast interactions on multiple devices, platforms and operating systems. Give them the integrated experience they want and watch competitors close up shop.

Derisk your cloud transition.

Enable an effortless digital transformation with automation and cyber resilience for increased test coverage.

Derisk your enterprise software.

Benefit from our partnerships with SAP, Oracle and other major ERP brands to assure a unified integration experience across your retail enterprise.

Derisk digital assurance with AI and ML.

Accelerate test processes and implement continuous testing while reducing business risks with Machine Learning and Qualisense, our AI-enabled test predictor tool.

Achieve more with deep, wide industry expertise.

We bring in extensive domain expertise, from global fashion brands to grocers and multi-disciplinary department stores.

Our Solutions

Simplify your operations from beginning to end.

Streamline operations, boost customer retention and launch digital products that generate new revenues, all while cutting costs.

System Integrations

We can carry out complex integrations with your stock or supply chain management systems, even if they’re disparate or outdated, with minimal business disruption.

Targeted UX Testing

Our massive, 24/7 crowd testing capability shows how customers are using your apps and will validate competitive shopping experiences.

End-to-End Testing

From POS to warehouse to product delivery, we know how to meet the challenges of testing E2E functional flows for a comprehensive retail digital transformation.

Global Delivery Model

Our multiple global test centers, with 3500+ quality engineers across 7 countries, ensure you’ll have precisely the right test expertise for your retail initiative.

Performance & Load Testing

We’ll make sure your technology is robust enough to handle the most challenging seasonal or sale-related timelines.

Automated Risk-Based Testing

Drive test selection and prioritization with data, not tester instinct or experience, to improve accuracy up to 80 percent.

“Qualitest are a true test partner that is supporting our business transformation and rapid change delivery vision by providing leadership, innovation and value for Studio in the testing space.”

— Mike Leyland, IT Director, Studio Retail


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