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Building a world of digital confidence.


Sauce Labs is the world’s largest continuous testing cloud for web and mobile apps. By pointing your tests to the Sauce platform you can rapidly review, share and debug to ensure a quality product.

Your Benefits

Why Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs goal is to provide a complete software quality platform that gives any person in your organization, from QA and developers to “citizen testers”, the ability to quickly and easily test, collaborate, and share results across teams. This helps them deliver better software, faster, and ensures the digital confidence brands need to thrive in today’s economy.

Mobile performance testing

Grow revenue with a better user experience and new routes to market.

First and foremost, Sauce Labs helps you grow revenue. We do this two ways: by enabling you to improve the quality of your user experience, and by enabling you to confidently deliver your digital offerings to market on a wider-range of platforms.


Protect your brand from the risks of a poor user experience.

In the digital era, your brand is largely defined by the quality of the user experience you deliver to your customer. By ensuring that web and mobile applications look, function, and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device, every single time, Sauce Labs protects your both brand and bottom line from the inherent risks of a poor user experience.


Deliver better products to market, faster.

Sauce Labs helps your development teams deliver better code, faster, which in turn enables you to deliver better products to market, faster. And better products delivered.

Our Features

Pass or fail. The world relies on your code.

Today brands are largely defined by the quality of the digital experience they deliver to their customers. Research shows 25% of customers will abandon an app after just one bad experience whereas customers who have a great experience spend 140% MORE.
In an age where the customer experience dictates a brand’s perceived value, a product that functions flawlessly is more important than ever.


Sauce API

Minimize web services and API incidents in CI/CD workflows with smarter feedback, simpler management and faster collaboration.


Sauce Test Execution Platform

Run automated and manual tests across thousands of browsers/OS’s, real devices, mobile emulators & simulators.


Sauce Frameworks

In addition to Selenium and Appium, run tests using popular JavaScript frameworks: Cypress, Playwright and TestCafe.


Sauce Headless

Test target headless Chrome and Firefox browsers for fast pass/fail data on early pipeline component tests, sanity checks, and pull request tests.


Sauce Visual

Automatically detect visual regressions across different browsers and resolution. Spot UI inconsistencies and fix them early in the development cycle.


Autonomous Testing (AIQ)

Autonomous low-code test automation designed to help SaaS and web app developers achieve the highest quality outcome in the shortest amount of time possible.



Failure Analysis provides insights into where failures are most common, and how pervasive they are in your test suite to prioritize remediation.


Sauce Performance

Get front-end performance metrics before releasing to production to improve overall customer experience.

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