AI-Powered T-KIA

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AI-Powered T-KIA

The mission: Improving your ROI.

T-KIA is an AI-powered independent assessment that focuses on understanding your existing quality operations and capabilities, and identifying key improvements for you to implement.

Your Benefits

Endless opportunities to optimize your business.

We use advanced analytics tools to guarantee we find positives and negatives in the SDLC process, ensure continuous improvement and help provide a roadmap to increase overall maturity and quality.

Qualisense AI T-KIA

Optimize your ROI.

Optimize ROI through efficiency improvements and best practices adoption.


Increase process velocity.

Accelerate your workflow and move quicker towards your business goals.


Speed up delivery.

Guaranteed delivered value within 30, 60, 90 days and beyond.


Improve testing efficiency.

Reduce testing spend by up to 40%.


Better process management.

Secure process timing and delivery by using advance analytics.


Orchestrate your efforts.

Reveal data patterns and insights to better coordinate processes with the right timing.

Qualisense AI T-KIA
Our Features

Taking your QA to the next level.

Without an independent view it can be difficult for an organization to clearly assess its current QA maturity and truly identify what improvements are needed. As a pure-play QA company, we’ll step in to improve your processes, use innovative technology effectively and reduce effort and costs.


First-Class Experts

We are experts with deep industry knowledge and are responsible for strategy, delivery architecture and assurance.


AI-Driven Insights

We utilize AI technology to provide unique, real insights for our clients’ QA activities, which allows us to support our recommendations based on facts.


Data Suited to Your Needs

Securing a wide range of vulnerabilities in almost every platform

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