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Diversity And Inclusion

Our hearts, minds and doors are wide open.

Qualitest is creating a dynamic community of intentional diversity, where we celebrate our individual differences as the source of our collective strength and value human decency above all.

We are many. We are one.


We seek varied viewpoints to inspire innovation and broaden our awareness.

We strive for a judgment-free environment in which each individual feels safe and welcome.



Compassion guides everything we do.

Diversity maximizes our potential for growth as a business and as human beings. We cannot be our best without it.


Action speaks louder than words.


Women make up about 37 percent of Qualitest’s global population, with higher percentages in some locations. We are always looking for ways to improve. Women are represented at senior leadership and executive levels, and in India, female tech professionals model a community of inclusion and growth. In Israel, we were pioneers in hiring orthodox women for IT positions, making workplace adjustments for comfort and support.


People of color hold a number of leading roles at Qualitest, and we’re reaching out in new ways to keep top talent in our hiring pipeline. We’re exploring new sourcing strategies, such as culturally/ethnically diverse platforms, and seeking volunteer opportunities with local groups. To support to organizations fighting racial injustice, we’ve launched a giving/employee matching program.


Based on research, more than half of US trans-gender or transitional employees report sensing hostility or feeling unwelcome at their workplaces. We deplore that statistic and will not tolerate hostility towards any group or individual at Qualitest. We foster an environment free of judgment and harassment, offering ongoing support for transitioning employees and sensitivity and inclusivity training for all employees.


Military service can be exceptional preparation for a tech career, but transitioning to civilian life is challenging. Veterans may not know where to begin the job-seeking process, or how to express their military record in resume format. We’re reaching out to local veteran groups to help tap the potential of this highly qualified, deserving candidate pool.


Time spent focusing on family should not be a career detriment for moms or dads returning to work. The same is true for older workers coming out of retirement. Under our returnships program, we disregard such breaks in employment history and offer 2-3 months of reskilling, cross-skilling and upskilling training to make candidates role-ready.


For autistic people, the US unemployment rate can be as high as 85 percent. We’ve been partnering with the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) to place candidates as quality engineering interns, with great success. Some autistic characteristics, such as meticulous attention to detail, are a perfect fit for the job.


Meet our people

Our people are our biggest asset, they are the ones who make us who we are and our quality ambassadors for our customers.


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