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Test Intelligently. Ship Faster.


LambdaTest is a continuous quality testing cloud platform that helps developers and testers ship code faster. Over one million users acroess 130 countries rely on LambdaTest for their testing needs. 

LambdaTest’s platform provides secure, scalable and insightful test orchestration for customers at different points in their DevOps (CI/CD) lifecycle. 

About LambdaTest

Live web testing on 3000+ environments.

With LambdaTest you can test your website on 3000+ different OS and browsers. Get instant access to choice of web browsers, browser versions, OS, and resolutions.

Your Benefits

Why LambdaTest?

Enterprises need a reliable, fast, secure, scalable, and cost-effective test execution and orchestration platform that can assure them a quicker developer feedback loop and hence a faster time to market.

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Smart observability.

Get complete visibility into your test infrastructure and intelligently track and quarantine flaky tests with LambdaTest.


High quality release and faster time to market.

Faster, smarter, and more relaiable software testing enables enterprises to launch products faster.


Scalable and flexible infrastructure.

For seamless continuous testing, switch to LambdaTest’s hyper scalable, flexible test infrastructure. 


Framework agnostic.

Be it Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Appium or Puppeteer, we support them all.


Secure test environments.

The LambdaTest platform provides enterprise-grade security to ensure our customers’ data security and privacy.


Customer support.

With an average response time of one minute and forty seconds, we offer the best customer support in the industry.

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Our Features

Secure, reliable and high-performance test execution cloud built for scale.

LambdaTest’s next-gen test execution and orchestration platform matches, and even beats, your local grid at a fraction of the cost. It has the least flakiness in the industry. Testing has never been this swift and dependable.


Browser & App Testing

Cloud allows users to run both manual and automated tests of web and mobile apps across 3,000+ different browsers, real devices and operating system environments.



Helps customers run and orchestrate test grids in the cloud for any platform and programming language at blazing-fast speeds to cut down on quality test time, helping developers build software faster.


50% Reduced Execution Time for one of the Big Four Audit Firms, HQ, London, UK.

LambdaTest helped with faster deployment by reducing test execution time.


The firm was using Selenium for automation but testing was done on an ad-hoc basis and was not integrated well with the development process or the CI/CD pipeline. The firm started to see recurring bugs due to developmental changes, as after every change, there were no automated scripts to run. 


LambdaTest provided flexibility to their QA team, as they could use the language and framework of their choice for running tests at a massive scale. This also made it easy to automate the scripts by following a more structured approach. 


LambdaTest helped them decrease their test execution time by 50% and increased their productivity threefold.

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