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De-risk your AI rollouts.

If your business has commercial AI technologies operational then you’re at the forefront of innovation. Give your business certainty that its AI technologies are reinforced with advanced AI quality assurance.

how we can help you

Protect vulnerable processes in AI developments.

Your business depends on AI technologies working to their full potential. We’ll help you to de-risk latent vulnerabilities in the AI development process:

Select the right data
to give your development the best foundation.

Develop the right model
that suits your data set.

Validate the model
to ensure the theory works in practice.

Transition from model to production
with seamless and de-risked adoption.

Your Benefits

AI developments need unique quality assurance expertise.

AI developments need continuous validation just to keep them working. But to keep your AI developments working at peak capabilities requires both a deep understanding of the AI development lifecycle and of your business. Only quality assurance that’s rooted in AI expertise can keep your AI rollouts seamless. 

Accelerate adoption.

Gain better analysis and articulation of why the model is being built, what it’s for, who will benefit and what KPIs can be used to measure success.

Unearth more in-scope data.

Identify the entire data set and its locations before grading suitability for various models and detection or risk of bias or missed capture.

Optimize preparation for deployment.

Safely identify any split, shuffle, prios or leakage. Classify and validate data model features to include, exclude, create or engineer.

Validate data models.

Validate your AI data-model training methodologies, cost functions and hyperparameters. Check how your model will generalize on new data.

Dynamic evolution vs business needs.

Gain more visibility of how your model will perform vs business needs, its impact on connected systems and any areas for improvement.

Achieve seamless deployments.

Confidently articulate how and where model wil deploy and assign monitoring and maintenance tasks for critical final safety checks, post-deployment improvements and regression checks.

Our Solutions

Qualisense – a multidimensional tool for AI rollouts.

The increasing complexity of applications, continuous release, agile methodologies and DevOps have created enormous pressures on software testers. It had become impossible to test everything.

Until now.

The Ultimate AI Testing Tool

AI-powered test enhancers are the vanguard of Qualitest’s innovative testing approach. It’s these ultimate AI testing tools which gather data from across the quality lifecycle and provide a powerful lens through which to focus both your AI rollout and quality engineering efforts.

AI for Quality Assurance

Solve QA challenges and accelerate test delivery using AI with Qualisense for change impact analysis, intelligent triage and AI-powered assessment.

Quality Assurance for AI

Check stability, accuracy and efficiency of AI systems. Data analysis and exploration, model validation and comparison, model performance and analysis.

AI for Quality Engineering

Accelerate adoption of AI for business transformation including model requirement/data configuration, prediction analysis and model deployment capabilities.

Faster AI Fault Detection

Qualisense makes risk-based testing smarter, faster and more cost-effective. Qualisense enables better results with fewer tests by using ML algorithms and automation to identify:

  • Features of tests that lead to failure.
  • Areas of code at high risk for bugs.
  • Potential coverage gaps.



Validated and Improved AI ‘Next Best Offer’ for Global Multi-line Insurer


This global multi-line insurer was using a non-performant AI rule engine for its next best offer (NBO) functionality. The accuracy was demonstrably lacking and we used our Qualisense AI tool to improve performance resulting in a 12% increase in sales call success rate.


Qualisense AI-tool was implemented to benchmark in-use, bespoke NBO modelling and replace with new models using Qualisense.


12% increase in sales call success rate.

“[Qualitest] reviewed our organization‘s testing approach and designed and implemented fully auditable test procedures and processes. Their flexible solution was the ideal fit for Ai’s requirements and was fundamental to the success of our software development life cycle improvements.”

Peter, IT Director, Ai Claims Solution Limited


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Let us know what your needs and requirements are and we’ll tailor a solution that will make life easier for you.

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