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Content Remediation Services

Content that keeps working under pressure.

When digital content assets stack up over time, managing it all can get a bit tricky. Our content remediation services effectively restore clarity, automatically testing content to deliver 100% defect-free assets.

how we can help you

Drive glitches and inefficiencies out of your content management.

From managing mass content data and media to eliminating usability issues, we’ll make sure your content performs perfectly and serves your budget well too.



Save 50% time and 25% cost of quality

with automated content verification.

Synchronize content across integrated

platforms without complexity.

Remove usability issues

affecting user satisfaction and product acceptance.

Gain a highly customizable

and scalable content management system.

Your Benefits

Untangle your content management.

Empower your organization’s creators with user-friendly content production and smarter content management processes.

Handle content at scale.

Better control the sprawl of content generated by organizational digitization.

Solve UX issues.

Deploy content with better usability that results in higher conversion web journeys.

Enhance content quality.

Testing content at the front end and not just the back end is the key to content product quality.

Catch bugs early.

Find expensive content glitches before they get anywhere near live or staging platforms.

Our Solutions

Automated and outsourced content testing.

As your content specifications become more and more complex, your systems and software have more sophisticated needs. We’ll test your tech until it’s in shape to handle anything.

Automated Content Testing

We’ll build a test automation framework for both pre- and post-ingestion content verification under both normal loads and heavy stress.

Manual Content Testing

We’ll map content, its formatting and placement. We’ll QA images, audio and video links, and tables. We’ll proofread and check all navigation elements.

Continuous Enhancement

We’ll make continuous enhancements based on previous results, fueling a self-learning content conversion system.


Global Academic Research Content Provider Achieves Faster App Content Publishing


Huge volume of publications supplied using inconsistent formats to onboard into common electronic format, process and distribute widely within the app product.


Selenium test framework using DSL reusable test automation and test paths based on fetched content XML translated into various outbound formats including J2EE, MySql, Mongo DB.


The Client gained a significant improvement on title QA turnaround time with 50% tests automated on each module of title publication.

“Your team has done a truly remarkable job. As a contrast, our most experienced vendor had over 20 errors, and at least eight of them were major capture issues.”

Madeline Harris, Sr Digital Content Production Project Manager, Cengage Learning


What else can we help you with?

Let us know what your needs and requirements are and we’ll tailor a solution that will make life easier for you.

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