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Modeling Optimization

Become a data-driven organization.

As digital ecosystems rapidly change, data becomes more complex and increasingly hard to identify and use in meaningful ways. We’ll help you mitigate your business risk and maximize opportunities with quality assured data models free of errors and redundancies.

how we can help you

Future-proof your data.

Today’s markets move fast and evolve quickly. If your data model rolled out today, how long would it work for? Would it still be relevant? Would it still be secure? Our data modeling optimization puts your models under the microscope to validate fit for purpose, build and process.


Increase model stability
and future-proof against drift.

Increase data performance
and gain more benefit from your models.

Improve evaluation of model options
and suitability for purpose.

Eliminate sub-optimum model components
with continuous optimization.

Your Benefits

Self-healing and self-monitoring.

Standard prediction models must be updated frequently to keep up with fast paced changes. Though basic stability of these models can be boosted, it’s still likely to fall out of date with new data over time. Qualitest’s suite of AI-powered data modeling tools solves this with self-monitoring and self-healing to keep your models fully optimized.

Longevity – Future-proof data.

Self-healing and self-monitoring models enable just one or two of our data scientists to function as a whole team of regular data analysts, which they’ve done to help countless blue-chip and boutique businesses future-proof their data.

Quality – Improve data processes.

Harness the power of AI to improve data processes and inform business intelligence. Enhance data operations and Extract-Transform-Load. Prepare optimized data sets for model training.

Speed – Become agile.

Don’t let your business get bogged down in poor quality redundant data. Quickly make informed decisions based on better insights.

Cost – Save data analyst resource.

Remove the burden of vast expensive data analyst teams constantly checking and re-checking data and model efficacy.

Our Solutions

Realize your data’s full potential.

Accurate and robust prediction for big data is here. Our AI-powered Qualisense tool was developed by the experts in our AI division to identify and re-model flaws in data-management systems to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Fully Automated

Fully automated prediction modelling and automatic feature enrichment functionality.

Parameter Training

The creation of a digital model with rules bespoke to your data, processes and systems.

Feature Engineering

Simplify and speed up data transformation with feature engineering for enhanced model accuracy.

Advanced AI-Powered Tool

Qualisense is an end-to-end machine learning platform. It employs 40+ algorithms alongside stability and resilience optimization mechanisms to ensure fast model creation with accurate and robust results.

Configurable System and Pipeline Integration

Diverse connection options within Qualisense allow it to connect to your data sources old and new in a variety of ways, whether via API, database query, file ingestion or online service provision.


Major Global Insurer Improves Fraud Detection Models and Gains Predictive Customer Behavior Model


When this multi-line global insurer found its fraud-detection models were not as performant as they needed to be, Qualisense was deployed to benchmark and upgrade the in-use models, resulting in a marked increase in accuracy and precision.

This major global insurer identified issues with their insurance fraud detection models.


Qualitest undertook a root and branch review of the Client’s data processes to resolve the vulnerabilities in its fraud-detection processes and implemented new, superior models using our platform.


A 10% cost reduction was achieved plus additional value was gained from big data insights in the form of predictive modeling for customer lifecycle management.

“We have been presented with a clear and concise view on the coverage achieved and understand where to target

— Shaun Kelly, IT Director, Covea Group


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