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5 FAQs About Automation in ERP Testing

An  automated testing solution utilizes existing, proven automation frameworks to meet your specific software development lifecycle, organizational structure and overall requirements to make the entire testing approach more efficient. 

The Secret Weapon of QA Modernization

By nature, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are designed to reflect hundreds of technical and functional requirements, each one representing an organizational task or feature that is needed to operate effectively.

In order for a system to be deemed successful upon delivery, it must meet the needs of the business while also maintaining cost and schedule estimates. In other words, these requirements not only need to be properly designed, managed and tested from end to end to verify their functionality and performance, but also the entire process needs to be conducted efficiently.

Because there are so many requirements and iterations of testing—many of which interact with or depend on others—over the course of the design process, automated testing has become a proven method to speed up the process, mitigate the risk of human error and increase the return on investment in performing testing.

If you are considering what automated ERP testing can do for your business, you may have questions. Here are some of the common ones we hear and our answers to them.

FAQ #1: How easy is it to set up automated ERP testing?

With the right tools and the right partner, the process can actually be quite seamless. 

An automated testing solution utilizes existing, proven automation frameworks to meet your specific software development lifecycle, organizational structure and overall requirements to make the entire testing approach more efficient. 

So whether you are looking for a way to speed up your testing by leveraging built-in best practices or to tailor your existing ERP testing with automation, these modern solutions can handle them both.

FAQ #2: Is automated ERP testing as reliable as manual ERP testing?

One way to answer this question is by exploring how manual tests are different from automated tests. 

The short answer is that the tests themselves are the same, but they are just managed, conducted and analyzed differently. Automated ERP testing uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning instead of your staff. A test management solution powered by automation can take your existing and required tests and automates them to ensure consistent quality, faster testing cycles and higher quality results on the back end.

FAQ #3: Can automated testing be set-up to handle a wide-range of tests?

Whether your organization follows an Agile or Waterfall methodology, and conducts performance, user acceptance, quality assurance, or integration testing, the level of precision and reliability that you need in your ERP testing is going to be the same.

An industry-leading testing automation solution can handle all of these different types of tests, so you can be sure that your ERP system, as delivered, is stable, efficient and performing as expected.

FAQ #4: What are the benefits of automated ERP testing?

Automated ERP testing can empower your business by ensuring a consistent, reliable and efficient testing approach. Automated ERP testing can also:

  • Reduce test execution time by 50% to 99%.
  • Achieve higher test coverage with consistent quality.
  • Minimize the time and resources used.
  • Accelerate testing cycles and overall system delivery.

FAQ #5: How do I pick the right automated testing solution for my ERP implementation?

It is understandable to want an automated ERP testing solution that can deliver end-to-end performance. 

This is why Qualitest’s automated testing solution was actually developed to be a portfolio of eight tools. Regardless of your needs, Qualitest has a solution for your organization. Qualitest’s expert staff can also help you find the right tools for your needs, including knowledge management, test optimization, automated electronic document analysis, test result reporting and more.

See the benefits first hand.

ERP implementation is an important investment in your business, but delivering it on time and on budget without overly taxing your internal resources is equally important. 

That’s why the Qualitest team is confident that once you realize the benefits that our other customers have experienced first-hand, you will truly be able to see what our  industry-leading automated testing solution can do for your ERP implementation. 

If you are ready to learn more about automated testing, our experts would love to speak with you. We also welcome you to learn more about automated testing and trends across the industry by subscribing to our blog below.