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Bucharest is Booming

Why Qualitest is Expanding in the “Largest city of Romania”

“Bucharest has major strategic advantages beyond lower costs. It has a highly technical workforce, with deep skills in a wide variety of technologies. The people are pragmatic, entrepreneurial, highly resourceful and loyal. Language skills are amongst the best in the world, and most engineers are fluent in English close to native level. Lastly, the city is easily accessible from a variety of locations.” 1

Bucharest, Romania is booming. To the uninitiated, the city may seem like an unlikely location for a technology hub but for those of us who conduct business here, it is no surprise.  A young, science-savvy workforce, EU membership, ease of doing business, and strategic location has turned this ancient city into a popular tech destination.

Qualitest recently celebrated the grand opening of its latest Bucharest location in partnership with Playtika, one of the world’s fastest growing casual gaming companies, and plans to hire more than 325 quality assurance engineers to meet client demand.

“Qualitest’s Shai Liberman and Playtika’s VP of Engineering Uri Rubin cut the ribbon opening a new delivery center of excellence in Bucharest, Romania.”

Right-Shoring Quality Assurance

Bucharest plays a critical role in Qualitest’s global services delivery platform and right-shore quality assurance and testing model which provides our clients with precision solutions at the optimal combination of cost, convenience, and technical solutions.

For Qualitest, Bucharest has also become a hub for supporting the fast-growing gaming sector and cyber security practice and a Center of Excellence for its cyber security practice.

Proximity to major economic hubs is one factor drawing top brands to Romania. From London, Bucharest is just a short 3 hours and 15-minute flight. Tel Aviv is an even more convenient 2 hour and 45-minute flight.

A Hotbed for Technology Talent

Beyond its strategic location, an abundance of tech-savvy talent is drawing companies to Bucharest.

TechCrunch summed up why the city has become the Silicon Valley of Transylvania:

Talent. The labor market research firm Brainspotting reports that Romania, with just 20 million people, ranks in the top 10 globally in number of certified IT specialists — 95,000, about half of whom are software developers. And almost 90 percent of Romania’s IT professionals speak English. Romania’s Association of Software and IT Services expects to triple Romania’s IT workforce by 2020.

Focus on education. The country’s universities have been in the top three in the IEEE Design Competition every year since 2001. What’s more, the country has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation, and was third globally after Russia and China, according to Brainspotting’s 2014 report.

Economic trends. Romania is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and has consistently been one of the top performers over the last 20 years, the World Bank says. 

For our clients, outsourcing QA to Qualitest’s Romania teams assures software they can trust, while increasing coverage and catching problems earlier.

Our onshore, nearshore, offshore, and managed crowd testing options helps our clients find the right combination of management, technicians, and trainers while helping them achieve efficiencies by rightshoring their work, maintaining cultural alignment in close proximity to their global multinational offices.

Outsourcing IT projects to Qualitest’s Bucharest, Romania team provides many specific benefits:

  • Significant (up to 30%) cost savings.
  • Cultural alignment, which resembles Western Europe and includes a multi-lingual, highly-skilled tech-friendly workforce.
  • Convenient time zone that works well with EMEA nations, and convenient geographically for many.
  • Concentration of tech talent — over half of the Romanian IT workforce is concentrated in Bucharest.


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