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Failure is One of the Best Things That Ever Happened to Me

The path from one failure in the IDF to great success in one of the largest chip companies in the world.

Up until the moment she failed to be accepted into a prestigious IDF programmers program, Galit Gavrielov was unsure if she wanted to work in the tech industry. As a result of that experience, Galit decided to become a technology expert. Now she’s a team leader in one of the largest chip companies in the world.  

After some struggles, Galit joined another IDF technology program related to the communications field. Immediately after her service, she completed her bachelor’s degree in computer science and joined Qualitest. “I wanted to work at an innovative, global technology company. Here I’m getting everything I need to keep growing and developing myself.”

Galit has been working at Qualitest for the past two years on a joint project with , an American multinational technology company that specializes in business communications, specifically unified communications (UC), and contact center (CC). Recently, she was promoted to a team leader position in a joint project with one of the largest chip companies in the world.

Why did you insist to serve in the IDF in a technological role?

I always believed in myself and knew that with hard work nothing can stop me. From the moment I got into the IDF technology program, I fell in love with the technological field and specifically communication.

There are many people who would give up after failure and say ‘this is not for me’. Did you have any thoughts of giving up and trying to do something else?

Not even for a moment. I never give up. As time went by, I felt it was the right thing for me. I love what I do and glad I’m always surrounded by innovative people.

Why did you decide to work at Qualitest?

I join Qualitest during the last year of my studies. I was looking for a large, leading, innovative company that could develop my skills and abilities on the one hand, and on the other hand give me the responsibility and trust to contribute from my vast knowledge and experience. In that sense, Qualitest suited me like a glove.

What do you like most about Qualitest?

I love the company events, they are always great and fun. Also, I love my colleagues and managers. I have a high quality work environment that helps me to learn new things almost every day. The fact that I enjoy going to work every day speaks for itself.

How did you feel about the cooperation with Avaya?

I worked in a very agile environment, which enhances our cooperation’s effectiveness.  We used ‘sprints’. In each sprint, there were several meetings that were focused on planning, giving and getting feedback and presenting a demo. I believe this work style greatly contributes to the delivery: everyone is up to date, the teams are mixed, everyone has direct interaction with everyone and the process is very transparent. Although we had a lot of meetings, the positive contribution to the efficiency and progress of the project over time is tremendous.

Are you enjoying your new role as a team leader?

 It’s very challenging and I keep learning new lessons every day. Having said that, it’s very satisfying to lead a cohesive team towards a common goal and I feel Qualitest is giving me a lot of responsibilities with the right tools to accomplish great achievements. I believe in my team and I believe in myself. Success is our only option.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to travel abroad and go on vacation. I’ve been to the Sinai desert three times and have been to Greece, Thailand, Spain, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Switzerland, Canada, and Italy.

In addition, I really love to bake and cook. My parents wouldn’t let anyone get anywhere near the kitchen, so today I really enjoy making delicious stews. My family really loves the food I make, and especially my husband.

What inspires you?

I recently went to hear Rabbi Yigal Cohen’s lectures and I really enjoyed them. He talks a lot about optimism and gives me a better perspective on life. It’s extremely important to stay positive with a ‘can do’ attitude in every aspect of life, especially when things aren’t going your way.