Insights Blog Help Shape the Future of Quality, Take the 2019 State of Testing Survey


Help Shape the Future of Quality, Take the 2019 State of Testing Survey

It’s that time of year again! Time to add your input into the annual State of Testing survey conducted by PractiTest in collaboration with Qualitest and other leading application quality service providers.

Why take the time to complete another survey? Because the world of testing and application quality is continuously changing. Every year brings new challenges, new priorities, new demands, and new opportunities. Quality Engineering teams now deal with more devices and more integrated technologies than ever before. And by answering these survey questions, you help us get a better understanding of the current trends, identify emerging areas, and prepare for what lies ahead.

Read the results and analysis of last year’s survey here.

Whether you work for a small company or a large global organization, a corporation or a government agency, as QA professionals we all share commitment to application quality. By sharing our experiences, we can help identify common trends and patterns across industries and geographies and find out that we need to focus on to stay competitive in the future.

This survey covers a lot of ground. We want to know how you first became a tester, what your QA team looks like, who in your organization is responsible for application quality, what technologies you are currently testing, what development principles are guiding application delivery practices at your company, which tools you are using, how much you invest in automation, and more.

There’s room for comments, anecdotes, and individual experiences. It won’t take too much of your time, but it will help paint a better picture of the current state of QA and testing.

Survey is open until  28-02-2019, so don’t delay.

Take the survey now.