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How to Keep Your Pharma Business Ahead of the Competition

Business assurance services can give your pharma organization an edge. Here are the key ways they can help.

Pharma business assurance

Even to those not directly involved with the pharmaceutical industry, the last year has proved just how vital it is for pharma businesses to equally prioritize quality, precision and speed.

However, those steeped in the world of pharmaceutical quality assurance know first-hand the crucial role business assurance services play in working toward all of these goals simultaneously. When these services are implemented correctly and supported by stable, defect-free systems, businesses can efficiently and effectively minimize risks, help their customers and patients, and maintain the pace their stakeholders expect.

But with even more pressure to identify new, innovative treatments and promptly roll them out, organizations are looking for additional ways to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why they are enhancing the software that drives and manages their value chain and deepening their expertise in quality engineering. However, one of the most sure-fire methods to keep ahead of the competition is taking advantage of the tools and experience provided by quality engineering companies.

So what can these companies and their business assurance services do for your pharma organization? These are some of the key ways they can help.

Regulatory compliance bottleneck

Validating and improving computerized systems is a mandatory regulatory requirement that can considerably slow down the implementation process of these critical systems with a business impact that reduces the value proposition of these systems.

This is where the right quality engineering expertise plays a major role to ensure disruption is minimal and that the business and operations can maintain velocity and effectiveness.

Inhouse development and change management

Although manual testing can see efficiency gains over time, professionals are still prone to human error and are limited by their own physical and mental capacities. Supplementing this experience with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation can translate into streamlined testing, improved testing efforts, reduced risks and broader performance testing.

Enhancing the breadth and depth of testing & validation

No industry has space for defects or performance issues in their systems, but it is especially important for systems to be bug free in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

To reach the level of precision, scale and comprehensiveness that these organizations need, a leading quality assurance services provider delivers tools designed and refined for use in the pharmaceutical industry and the test case, user experience, interface and compliance requirements this industry needs.

In addition to confirming system performance and integrations, business assurance services can also be used to supplement internal testing and validation professionals. Whether it is providing expertise on a certain system, tool or process or overall quality engineering process improvements, pharmaceutical companies can be more confident in their IT operations with the help of these services.

Pharma cyber security

Cyber Security is a relatively new issue in the pharma and medical world, with new regulations constantly updated. This is more apparent with systems moving to the cloud, mobile applications and IoT devices becoming common place.

This field requires a very high level of expertise usually not found within non-specialized IT organizations.  These systems often manage sensitive and private information relating to individuals or patience which makes them particularly attractive targets for hackers, which only highlights the importance of pristine cyber security measure in the Pharma and medical industries.

Reduce costs and improve quality

The software and systems that power the pharmaceutical industry are often highly specialized and come with unique qualities that can make in-house, manual testing and validation time-consuming and costly.

However, with business assurance services, organizations can cut out time-intensive manual testing, limit regression testing needs and replace slower manual tests with automated techniques, new approaches and deep domain expertise.

Expert pharma quality engineering is essential

Your organization may be designing software solutions for a lab environment, a pharmaceutical company or its stakeholders. Or maybe you are responsible for quality engineering within your own pharma business. Regardless, you know there is no room for error, even with constantly accelerating demands.

Fortunately, you don’t have to approach these challenges on your own. Industry-leading quality engineering professionals—such as the ones at Qualitest—and their specialized suite of testing services are here to deliver the precision, efficiency and deep domain knowledge you need.

Ready to learn more about how you can get you started with your own custom package of business assurance services? Click here to schedule a time to speak with a Qualitest expert.

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