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Making a Positive Impact in Our Communities

Norm Merritt, CEO of Qualitest

Why I Support New York’s GOSO Program

At Qualitest, we believe in making an impact. Qualitesters make an impact by improving the quality of software and apps used by millions, if not billions, of people around the world.

But we also believe in making an impact in the communities where we live and work.

It’s why we collaborated with NFAR in the US and support the Horia Motoi Center for Autistic Children in Romania to put the unique talents of people with autism to work.

And it’s why our teams rallied to support the hundreds of thousands impacted by Coorg and Kerala floods last year in Southern India, to name just a few examples.


GOSO – Reshaping Futures to Prevent Rearrests

Personally, I support, in as many ways that I can, a New York City organization called Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO).

I believe in second chances and I’m honored to serve as the organization’s Vice Chairman.  We help empower young men to avoid involvement in the criminal justice system.  We reshape their futures through educational achievement, meaningful employment, and financial independence.

At GOSO, we not only prevent young men (mostly between ages 16 and 24) involved in the criminal justice system from returning to prison, but also aim at restructuring their future through holistic social services and results-oriented programs.  We promote growth on a personal, intellectual, and professional level.

For the uninitiated, the recidivism rate is shockingly high in America:  67% of young men who were previously incarcerated return to jail.

Quite often, factors like lack of education, social inclusion, appropriate employment, proper reformative measures and financial independence lead to young men getting rearrested within a few months of their release.

GOSO breaks the cycle. For those who participate in the GOSO program, the recidivism rate drops to 15%.  With the right support, the young men who participate in GOSO change the trajectory of their lives.

An Inspiring Evening:  The Inaugural GOSOcial Event

With this focus, the GOSO Action Board is hosting a special event named GOSOcial on Friday, 4th October 2019 at the Prince George Ballroom in the New York City’s Flatiron District to help raise awareness and support its mission.

If you’re in the New York metro area and want to support a great cause while having a great time, I encourage you to buy tickets and join me on October 4th and help GOSO make an impact in our New York community.