Insights Blog Meet Aakriti Srivastava – The Automation Expert and Hodophile


Meet Aakriti Srivastava – The Automation Expert and Hodophile

Aakriti Srivastava, our Lead Engineer in Test Automation, is an energetic and confident Qualitester from Noida, India. Aakriti became a part of Qualitest as part of our recent acquisition of QA InfoTech.

Aakriti Srivastava, our Lead Engineer in Test Automation, is an energetic and confident Qualitester from Noida, India. Aakriti became a part of Qualitest as part of our recent acquisition of QA InfoTech.

With a go-getter attitude, Aakriti views life’s problems as a challenge and takes them head-on. An artist by heart and a loving pet mom, she vows to take the road less traveled when chasing her passions and does not shy away from upgrading her efforts to match her convictions and destiny.

Aakriti’s education did not end with her graduation. She feels she has learned more by being proactive on the job and learning multiple testing tools. In such a competitive field, she has made a name for herself in a short time and risen to senior levels by keeping herself educated and upskilled from time to time.

Areas of expertise

Aakriti’s accomplishments, knowledge and expertise are impressive. She has mastered several languages and tools such as Rest, SOAP, Selenium and JAVA/C/C++, and has a keen interest in API and web UI automation testing.

She also has strong roots in mobile automation and functional testing (Appium, Xcode, Android SDK, performance tests using Android Memory Profiler and Dumpsys).

Aakriti’s tech stack experience expands across various other testing backgrounds, such as Network Throttling and mocking of services.

Life as a Software Tester

Aakriti loves being in the testing field and brushes away the common notion that software testers are considered not as valuable as developers. She says that it’s a blooming career.

Being in a quality assurance team means having a clear understanding of the product, its backend, front end, and its complete functionality,” Aakriti explains. “Inherently there is a need for understanding different tech stacks. Empowered by this knowledge, I find there’s something new to learn every day, making this career versatile, aka never boring.”

Elaborating further, she adds “Software testing emphasizes a clear understanding of a big tech umbrella, comprising technologies and tools which make it easier to test and automate any product’s functions/methods.

“A QA engineer is the best person to smell the product at risk or to know what is stopping it from meeting the deadlines. This adept nature results in many QA specialists progressing down a Project Manager career path at an early stage in their careers.

“Also, QAs have end-to-end business knowledge,” Aakriti concludes. “It makes them an excellent choice for being Business Analysts, thereby setting up a lucrative path for testing career progression.

Advice to the future generation of testers

Aakriti has a goldmine of advice for people foraying into the testing career:

Experience comes with time and constant efforts. Working on different projects involving different platforms (Web/Mobile/API) and different technologies helps understand the various aspects of a project. These aspects lead to a deeper understanding of concepts and develop the attitude of ‘Test to Break.’

“In some ways, Testing is a creative undertaking, so there’s no fixed processes that you have to follow. You need to devise your own test strategy to determine the best way to test a component. With experience, you understand and define the ‘Testability’ of an element to find ways to make Testing easier. Ultimately, you learn to manage different projects and different teams in an efficient manner,” she says.

Thoughts on Women in Tech

Aakriti feels that Women and the tech industry are a deadly combination. When asked why she feels this way, she says “According to a recent survey, Women now constitute 34% of the IT workforce in India! They are born managers whether it comes to handling both the strenuous home and family life or the hard-hitting corporate life. It is just a matter of what they put their hearts into. Today, Women are global leaders in everything one can think of, and it is no different in the tech sphere.



Life beyond testing

Aakriti is an avid traveler, artist & photographer, and a keen sports enthusiast. Aakriti has a flair for organizing and presenting at cultural events and technical summits.

Aakriti has been bitten by the travel bug so bad, she cannot wait for Fridays to hit the road with her rucksack on. With a knack for good photography, she loves capturing memories and the places she visits, as it gives her an insight into their cultures and life.

The loving pet mom finds immense joy in her adorable rabbits, goldfish, and birds. She likes gardening and finds herself an artist by her heart. In her own words, “I am fond of colors and how they mix and match to cover the canvas like a poem.

When asked what fuels her up each day, she says, “The constant urge to maintain a perfect balance in life is what ignites and keeps the flame inside me going!

She also represented her school and college in various tournaments and led as the joint secretary and cultural secretary at her university.

That’s Aakriti for you, a reliable friend and diligent tester. When she’s not writing test cases or sipping her teas, you can find her immersed in watching the latest TED talk or reading a page out of Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’.