Insights Blog Meet Akshit Dwivedi, Associate Solution Architect


Meet Akshit Dwivedi, Associate Solution Architect

From graduating college to managing over twenty people, Akshit’s career has progressed in record time. He works across teams at Qualitest to bring new business opportunities to the Bangalore office. Both an avid learner and travel aficionado, Akshit is on the move.  

When did you join Qualitest?  

I joined a little over five years ago. This is the first company I worked for after getting my degree in Computer Science and Engineering. People in my field usually tend to move around after two to three years, but I’ve stayed at Qualitest because I was given the opportunity to grow and learn as an engineer.  

What growth opportunities did you find at Qualitest?

Well, within three years at Qualitest, I was leading a team of twenty people, which is something I would have waited seven or eight years to do at most other companies. My career here has really skyrocketed  

I’ve been exposed to new challenges at every stage, and I’m able to learn about new technologies and tools regularly, which is exciting. Those new learnings keep me motivated and my job fresh. I never get bored.   

My mentors at Qualitest have been very supportive; they encourage me to keep growing. We approach each new situation as an opportunity to push ourselves further. Even in those instances when we don’t achieve everything we set out to do, we still use it as a learning experience.   

Can you give me an example of a recent win?  

As a Solution Architect, I work with the Delivery Team and the Sales Team to respond to RFIs and RFPs and we recently brought on a major software provider as a client  

They were looking for a QA company that could help them migrate seven hundred test cases from a paid to a free automation tool to reduce costs, and they wanted to be able to do that within three months.  

As part of our proposal, wcreated two frameworks for this migration, one for Robot and one for Java, and explained the pros and cons of each. The software provider decided to move forward with the Java framework, which was our recommended approach. They were very impressed with our proposal and hired us on the spot.  

When you work with many teams, how do you get everyone to collaborate on a proposal?

It’s important to connect with the people in your teams regularly, that’s how you build strong relationships. Since I have been at Qualitest for five years, I know almost everyone, and it’s always been easy for me to approach people. The way our office is set up also helps because we don’t have cubicles. We all sit together, without separations, in an open environment. That gives you the feeling that you are not working in silos, but rather working together.   

Another reason I think we collaborate well is that we have grown from a small office to our current size and we have all gotten to know in each other in the process.        

What is the Bangalore office like, what do you guys do for fun?

It’s an office of 700+ people that occupies two full floors in our building.   

We have a lot of fun activities like Cricket tournaments and Bike Club, which are a great way to get to know each other. Sometimes on Fridays, we like to play music and dance; we even had Zumba classes on our floor. We recently started to play charades, which is lot of fun  

What do you do for fun when you are not at work?

love to travel. It helps me relieve stress. Going somewhere where I can relax helps me get back on track and recharge. I recently took some time off to go to Goa. I prefer South Goa because it is less crowdedit’s the type of beach where you can feel at one with the sea. When I wanted to do some partying, I’d go to North Goa.    

What motivates you to come back to the office?

It’s the possibility to continue learning about new technologies.  

What do you think is the future of testing? What are the new technologies that excite you?

Systems are becoming smart, they are using artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, we also have to get smart as to how we test these systems. Now, there are new ways to test these AI systems with machine learning. It’s an exciting time to be in testing.     

I’ll soon have the opportunity to work with the team here at Qualitest that is developing our AI TestPredictor tool and be a part of developing that tool That’a huge motivation to come to the office each day.