Insights Blog Meet James Barrett- Exemplary Quality Engineer and Loving Husband


Meet James Barrett- Exemplary Quality Engineer and Loving Husband

James, our Senior Manager, was intrigued by all things electronic right from his childhood.

James Barrett, Qualitest’s Senior Manager from Houston, Texas, is a fun-loving guy who has been curious about the world and how things work since a very early age. James has always been fascinated with electricity and all things electronic, which later translated into a career as he ventured into the IT world.

“Much to my family’s horror, I was famous for taking things apart and putting them back together, telephones, clocks, radios, VCRs, DVD players etc. So naturally I got into computing as a teenager, starting out with an IBM 5110 and early PCs, and eventually IT became my career,” says James.


When asked how his academic experience at university helped him in his career, James says:

“It expanded my horizons to see the world and to open my mind to see that there is so much to learn and do beyond what we currently know, and how to share what I have learned for the good of others.”

Areas of expertise

James’s primary areas of expertise lie in Project Management, Test Management and Business Analysis. He has successfully managed various roles throughout his career, ranging from being a Developer to an Analyst, Team Lead to Project Manager, Scrum Master, and as a Test Manager. He finds testing especially noteworthy because he can leverage his experience in all these earlier roles to make products successful.

Software testing and the Qualitest journey

James joined Qualitest in 2021 through the Olenick acquisition. He has had a very long relationship with Olenick (20 years) and because of that he was a little cautious at first. But over time, he realized that his cherished working relationships were intact and that Qualitest has much to offer!

In his own words, “Great opportunities for career and professional growth are here if you want to take them!”

The exemplary test engineer feels that the IT field gives everyone a chance to continually learn something new, to grow both your technical and management skills. There is also the added privilege of working with amazing people from diverse backgrounds and cultures all over the world.

Advice to the future generation of testers

James has just three but very wise pieces of advice to share with his younger peers:

  • Keep your mind open to new ideas and experiences.
  • Set your goals high and make plans to achieve them.
  • Be kind to everyone you meet.

Views on Pride Community and Pride Month

James recounts his experiences of coming out in an era when there was more prejudice and less awareness attached to LGBTQ people.

“Pride is a special feeling for me. I did not grow up during a time when it was safe to be out for the fear of losing my family, my job, and my safety and security,” he recalls.

James adds that there has been a long history of the LGBTQ+ community struggling to overcome prejudice, discrimination, and violence to secure their rights to dignity, life, and freedom. He is thankful for the improvements he has seen and is proud to be a member of a thriving and happy community.

“Today, I can relax and be myself, and share my life with the person I love, my family and co-workers. Being able to celebrate pride is to be able to celebrate life and love without fear, and if we are lucky, we share that feeling with our hereditary and chosen families every day of the year,” he shares.

Life beyond software testing

When not working, James enjoys being outdoors (especially in or around water), a bit of travel, good music and spending time with his husband Billy, and their family and friends.

And who are we to argue when he says he draws inspiration from the iconic singer and songwriter Dolly Parton:

“Her life story of growing up poor and having the courage to step out and pursue a career in music is inspirational. She is a savvy businesswoman and a genuine humanitarian who has given back to the world through her efforts to promote childhood literacy, economic development in disadvantaged regions, and supports health and medical research that has benefitted millions of lives,” he remarks.

We could not agree more James!