Insights Blog Meet Jamie Hughes – The Traveling Footballer


Meet Jamie Hughes – The Traveling Footballer

Jamie Hughes

Jamie Hughes, the cool guy from our People and Talent team in the UK, finds happiness in helping people find their dream job and their next career move. Jamie is outgoing, very hard-working and is always up for a game of football.

After he completed his education, Jamie went on a year-long trip to Australia and Asia, exploring and learning about the diverse cultures. He gained life-changing insights from his interactions with people from around the world, learning from their different perspectives and life experiences.

Software testing and recruitment

Being from a recruitment background, Jamie always had an interest in the IT sector, primarily for its higher level of job satisfaction than other industries. Over the past three years, he has also gained a good grasp on recruiting within the telecommunications sector and now works for the largest telecom clients at Qualitest.


The Qualitest journey

Before joining Qualitest, Jamie worked for an agency that hired for the .NET stack. His transition from an agency to Qualitest has exposed him to the other side of the coin by creating transparency into how the delivery system functions.

In his role at Qualitest, Jamie supports some of the more significant recruitment projects within the telecom, performance and automation sectors.

When asked about his experience in IT recruitment, Jamie offers, “I have learned a great deal about the different skill sets associated with telecommunications, automation and performance testing, amongst others. Working at Qualitest has enabled me to learn about how a well-run delivery function is set up and executed.”

Talking about some of the perks of working at Qualitest, Jamie added, “Qualitest has a modern approach towards having a well-executed work-life balance. Apart from work, you have time to indulge in things you love, gym, games and other things. What brings me to work each day is the love I have for my team at Qualitest. We have a very collaborative P&T team in the UK, who work extremely well together, have fun together and never shy away from helping each other out.”


Message for job seekers

In his call-out to testers who are looking to start their career or looking for their next big career move, Jamie suggests, “If you are interested in solving problems, being a part of a great team and want a clear path for career growth, I would say look no further than Qualitest!”


Life apart from testing

When Jamie is not busy recruiting, he is traveling, hitting the gym, socializing, listening to Joe Rogan and playing football with his team. He is also an amateur golfer.