Insights Blog Meet Jonathan Lim – Master of Many Languages


Meet Jonathan Lim – Master of Many Languages

Jonathan Lim, a Quality Lead from the Lisbon office, is a man of many passions. An artist by choice, Jonathan moved to Portugal from Washington D.C. with his husband.

Jonathan Lim, a Quality Lead from the Lisbon office, is a man of many passions. An artist by choice, Jonathan moved to Portugal from Washington D.C. with his husband.

Jonathan is also a polyglot, who has an immense love for different languages. During his visit to Israel, he encountered the magic of languages at a very early age when he witnessed a hostess engaging and enthralling the crowd by conversing in their native tongues. Since then, Jonathan considers language to be a superpower. Inspired by this incident, he made his life goal to travel the world and learn various languages and cultures.

Jonathan studied German and Chinese at the University of Michigan, along with a course in German theatre for four years. Acting in plays and being on stage gives him the confidence to be an excellent presenter.

About his theatre experience, he says, “Bearing yourself in front of an audience is incredibly important for building confidence. You learn the skill of public-speaking by being in front of a big group of people. It helps you immensely in your career. One such incident was when our team was still in Tel Aviv and I did a pitch for a feature in front of a room full of engineers and the CEO of one of our biggest clients. I do not think I could have rehearsed and presented my pitch as smoothly as I did without that experience.”

Software testing and the Qualitest journey

For Jonathan, his love for different languages landed him a career in software testing. His proficiency in human languages helped him grow in his career more than any programming language.

About his journey as a tester, he says, “I was living in Tel Aviv then and I never expected that I would end up in a tech career. Now that I am here, I am enjoying the growth and the challenges that have taught me my potential. What I have learned so far in my journey as a tester is that we always have problems and we all want the best results for our efforts. When surrounded by talented, motivated people (like my team here), we can convince ourselves -‘I don’t see the solution now, but I know I will find one’.”

Jonathan joined Qualitest as a Multilingual Test Engineer. About his Qualitest journey, he says, “In our assignment, we are internationalizing features for one of the largest search engines in the world. Knowing the global impact of these features makes you feel like you have done something valuable. What adds on is that I work in a unique international environment. It is the reason I have remained with Qualitest for the past six years. The final perk is that I have had the opportunity to work in three different countries.”


Message for future testers

Advising the future QA aspirants, Jonathan says, “In a world governed by technology, it is a perfect opportunity to grow and have a full-filling career. You will learn problem-solving skills and acquire an attention-to-detail standard that will always serve you no matter where you end up down the road. I have seen many of my colleagues use their experience at Qualitest to study further and advance themselves in other tech fields.”

Life apart from testing

Jonathan is a Quality Engineer by day and an artist by night. He has a studio set-up that showcases his beautiful creations. You can also spot his drawings and paintings on his artistic Instagram profile by the name of yoyo_yaar.

Exploring stunning locations is Jonathan’s third love after his love for language and painting. At his leisure, he enjoys listening to ‘Assignment on BBC World Service.’


Please visit Jonathan’s Instagram profile – @yoyo_yaar to view his artistic creations