Insights Blog Meet Palvesha Hakim – A Qualitest Director, and an Ardent Travel Bee!


Meet Palvesha Hakim – A Qualitest Director, and an Ardent Travel Bee!

Palvesha, a Qualitest Director, Engineering, from Noida, India, is highly passionate, devoted to her work, and dedicated to her team’s professional growth.

Palvesha, a Qualitest Director, Engineering, from Noida, India, is a go-getter who can quickly learn and excel in any new technology she picks up. In addition, Palvesha is highly passionate, devoted to her work, and dedicated to her team’s professional growth.

She believes, “There isn’t anything that you can’t achieve if you put your heart and soul into it.”


Palvesha, a Commerce graduate, had no initial plan for a career in IT. However, she’s glad that she acted upon her father’s suggestion and did her Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

“Software developers are constantly addressing problems and delivering solutions, the ability to make lives better through technology is what inspired me to pursue a career in development,” she says.

Areas of expertise

Palvesha’ s technical expertise is quite diverse. Apart from being an expert with Python backend development, she is well-versed with enterprise apps such as Odoo, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics too. And it does not end there. Palvesha also possesses a working knowledge of databases such as PostgreSQL and MYSQL.

Software development and the Qualitest journey

Palvesha’ s internship in an ERP-based company was her first acclimation to the IT world. During her final semester, she discovered her passion for coding, building products, and problem-solving.

The confident engineer now has 13+ triumphant years in IT under her belt, and she’s not looking back. Her determination led her to fantastic work opportunities, such as working on independent projects for international firms.

“I received valuable experience from my very first job. I was given an opportunity to travel to the UAE to work for a prestigious institute that was directly funded by the King of Abu Dhabi. Shortly after that, one of the prospective clients invited me to Cape Town, South Africa, to gather requirements for their project. All of this was accomplished in less than a year of experience. It was a fantastic start to my professional life,” said Palvesha.
“I’ve had an incredible journey with QA InfoTech, where I’ve had great opportunities and worked directly with the CEO since the beginning. I am grateful and blessed to have great mentors who have continuously guided me over the years and fantastic teams that assist me in delivering excellence,” Palvesha says.


Palvesha started as Lead Engineer for QA InfoTech and quickly climbed the ladder, rising from a Principal Engineer to Manager and currently a Director of Engineering. She has worked independently on the in-house invoicing system and was also involved in pre-sales activities and other key initiatives.

Through her work, she has developed great relationships with clients and grew the account of one of QA InfoTech’s top 10 clients. Her exciting journey at Qualitest began last year as a part of the acquisition of QA InfoTech, bringing her positive collaborations, opportunities, and recognition.

Advice to the future Qualitesters

Palvesha feels that the biggest perk of choosing a career in IT is the opportunity to code, learn, and upskill with the added flexibility of remote work.

“The IT field is constantly expanding, and its demand is always high. Even a pandemic couldn’t impact the IT industry. It only grew stronger,” she says.


She has some sound advice for aspiring software engineers.

“Continue to learn and be persistent, attentive, flexible, and confident. Dare to take on new challenges. There is no shortcut to success, it is earned by hard work, learning, and preparation,” she says.
“Do not be discouraged by existing stereotypes; every glass ceiling can be broken with constant efforts. Trust your instincts, believe in your own abilities, and seize opportunities that come your way,” she adds.


She feels that it’s essential for young professionals to keep up with the latest technologies, communicate effectively to establish great relationships with clients and colleagues, and be an engaged team member.

Women’s History Month and Women in Tech

Women’s History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate women’s achievements and highlight the contributions of women towards every sector. Qualitest truly believes in girl power and celebrates the spirit of Palvesha and hundreds of other women Qualitesters like her who put their best foot forward every day.

Palvesha says, “Women and technology, in my opinion, are a fantastic mix because women bring more diversity and originality to the table. According to a recent study, Fortune 500 businesses with at least three women in leadership positions witnessed a 66 percent improvement in ROI and have a $5 trillion purchasing power.”


Palvesha adds that both men and women bring varied perspectives to the table, thus allowing for better issue resolution and improving the business unit’s performance.

Palvesha is inspired by Jacinda Ardern – the Prime Minister of New Zealand and praises her grace and intellect in handling serious situations.

“Ardern has broken many stereotypes and has set many records while in office. She infused a sense of compassion in times of crisis and made her leadership journey relatable. She epitomizes the term ‘women’s empowerment,’” she says.

Life beyond her professional space

When Palvesha is not working, she enjoys listening to music and sketching, she is also a great cook. Palvesha is passionate about singing, dancing, and ticking off her bucket list of places to visit around the world. She loves to listen to personal development and self-help books on Audible, her current favourite being ‘The Power’ by Rhonda Byrne.