Insights Blog Meet Tamir Noah: The QA Gamer


Meet Tamir Noah: The QA Gamer

Tamir Noah is one of the most skilled gamers in Israel, with tens of thousands of cumulative gaming hours. So how does he channel his special talent to be an amazing QA tester?

What part does gaming play in your life, pun intended?

Gaming is one of my biggest loves. There is a whole, wonderful and exciting world behind the PC and console games that almost anyone can enjoy and find what they love.  The gamers community is expanding rapidly thanks to people who see gaming not just as a hobby, but as a way of life. From time to time I meet conservative people who still think games are just for kids and teenagers, but I believe that the majority understands that gaming isn’t limited by age.

How much time do you devote to gaming?

I play Sony PlayStation or PC every day, sometimes for hours and sometimes much less. It depends on my duties at work and at home with my wife and kids. I still love the old gaming hardware systems that are no longer in use, like the Megason (Nintendo-like system from the 90’s), the Megadrive, the 486 PC, etc. I played these since I was a kid and I still enjoy them. It brings me back to my childhood.

Also, I see gaming as a tool that is very beneficial to children as well, under the right supervision and only during play hours. For this reason I encourage my children to play and make sure that they aren’t only having fun but also learning from the process.

Do you find your gaming skills helpful in your daily work as a QA tester?

I’ve always loved technology, and gaming is one of my ways to express that love. As soon as I started working as a QA tester at Qualitest I was exposed for the first time to what is happening behind the scenes of the technology I use. Up until to that moment, I thought that what’s on the frontend is amazing, but now I’m equally amazed at the backend tests that make all this magic possible.

Where did you work before you joined Qualitest?

I worked in sales at Champion Motors for 6 years and was very successful. I’m a salesperson in nature but after a few years I wasn’t feeling challenged enough.

When did you decide to make the change?

After six years in the automobile sales industry, I felt the need to move on. I am a very well-planned, thorough and accurate guy, and as such, I have done extensive research on what will be the next step in my career. I felt that joining the QA industry would be the best option for me. I started studying QA and very quickly found a job at Qualitest.

How was the transition from sales to QA?

I believe that when you love something, nothing can stand in your way. Besides, I met here good friends that gave me assistance and supported me every step of the way.

What do you like about Qualitest?

Qualitest is a greenhouse. You are never on your own and always have a lot of support around you. I have great managers who work with an endless passion and great friends that make every day around here fun and interesting. I get up to work with a smile every morning.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I really like the TV shows of the 1980s and 1990s. The Transformers, The Samurai Cats, Married With Children, Seinfeld and more. I even keep hearing songs that were played when I was a kid.

In addition, I learned computer graphics because I really like to draw. In my spare time, I draw and mostly convert pictures into paintings.

What inspires you?

My father and mother. They are the smartest people I know.