Insights Blog Qualitest Israel’s Annual Event – A Much-needed Breath of Fresh Air!


Qualitest Israel’s Annual Event – A Much-needed Breath of Fresh Air!

With Covid-19 putting a pause on large-scale events over the past two years, Qualitesters had missed out on the joys of hanging out together and connecting with their colleagues.

Finally, however, Qualitesters in Israel got a much sought-after break in what is deemed as one of the grandest Qualitest events, a whopping 1500 Qualitest employees and their families participated in a Qualitest Live Park party.

The event was a merry fusion of a picnic, concert, and carnival- all in one. The splendorous atmosphere had beautiful floral decorations, catchy photo backdrops, and various open seating options sprawled over the gigantic park.

Elements such as the classic red phone booth from London, colorful RVs, and the old models of Fiat cars filled with icy champagne in their hoods added the beautiful vintage- bohemian touch.

Other top attractions were the gaming arcade, complete with pool and foosball tables, the claw crane machine, caricature artists and many other carnival-style games. Some people pitched their picnic mats on the ground for a clear view of the stage.

As the evening dawned on, the arena started filling up with the sounds of champagne glasses clinking and the laughter of joyous Qualitesters. Soon the air began to waft with the smells of delicious food and snacks.

The DJ blasted the latest party tracks from atop his mini jeep. The recreational vehicles were set up with LED lights, cozy seating arrangements, and an amusing host, who had Qualitesters regaling with laughter. Many Qualitesters also had their sketches drawn at the portrait station.

The event’s main highlight was the award ceremony where we recognized our top achievers, our 2021 Qualistars, for their hard work and achievements during the year. The management lauded the Israeli teams’ efforts in adding to our success.

Here’s what a delighted Anbu Muppidathi, CEO, Qualitest had to say:
“Israel is the only team in Qualitest that has consistently exceeded targets every year. You guys are so unique and special. Nobody else could do it.”


Adding to this, Board of Director, Norm Merritt, remarked, “Qualitest Israel- you guys represent a lot of power. Really wonderful to be with you tonight”.


Shai Liberman, MD, Qualitest Israel, also praised and thanked the team for their tremendous contributions. This was followed by a concert by two of Israel’s most popular singers, Moshe Perez and Shiri Mimon,  who enthralled the crowds with their performances. The audience enjoyed putting their hands up in the air, while swaying to the music as they joined forces in an amazing musical combo.

As the night drew close, the tired yet happy faces took home dozens of lingering memories. We look forward to hosting more exciting and fun-filled events in the days to come in all our Qualitest locations.