Insights Blog Qualitest Launches New Branding to Showcase Expanded Solutions and Capabilities


Qualitest Launches New Branding to Showcase Expanded Solutions and Capabilities

Norm Merritt, CEO of Qualitest

As venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously quipped, software is eating the world. Indeed, every industry Qualitest serves, from financial services to retail, is undergoing a massive amount of technology-driven change.

Brands find themselves entering a world where agile, DevOps, and AI are changing the rules of how software is developed, tested and launched. With apps now defining a brand’s customer experience and the threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches looming large, quality assurance has become strategic.

No longer is testing just the last step before software is released into the market. Quality assurance has “shifted left” to become integrated into the very early design and development stages of software creation.

As the world’s largest independent pure play software quality assurance and testing company, Qualitest is leading the way in helping brands navigate this ever-changing world.

We can do this because in recent years Qualitest has undergone a transformation of its own, moving beyond functional testing to become a provider of outcome-based managed quality assurance services.

With many of our largest clients we are now a strategic digital transformation partner helping them meet their precise technology needs using artificial intelligence frameworks, combined with test optimization and continuous testing to increase both quality and speed to market. One reason why Gartner recently named Qualitest as a Visionary in its Magic Quadrant, 4 years in a row, for Application Testing Services.

To reflect this transformation, Qualitest is introducing today a new brand identity featuring a new logo and hallmark, the new tagline “Quality Made Smarter,” an updated website, and a marketing campaign that communicates the unique set of quality assurance solutions and the global delivery platform we now offer the marketplace.

Our new branding and positioning also illustrates how our nearly 3,500 engineers and consultants around the globe are helping the world’s most innovative brands accelerate their digital transformations by using cutting-edge quality assurance and precise testing solutions.

Our “Quality Made Smarter” tagline reflects the evolution of Qualitest, the benefits of our unique solution sets, our deep industry experience and domain expertise, and our vision for the future.

While we remain proud of the testing industry we pioneered and helped to build, our “Q” hallmark shifts our focus beyond testing to what our clients really are asking for – quality assurance and a faster, more efficient path to launch.

We remember well where we came from and we are more excited than ever about where we can go. The opportunities are limitless.