Insights Blog The 6 Ways Managed Software Testing Services Can Boost Your Business


The 6 Ways Managed Software Testing Services Can Boost Your Business

By definition, managed software testing services means outsourcing all software quality assurance responsibilities for better results at a lower cost, but in reality, this is much more than that. MTS can be a real lifesaver for companies.

Managed software testing services

Ensuring quality and meeting the customers’ expectations in this rapidly growing competitive landscape is a challenging yet inevitable task for organizations.

Moreover, not every business is an expert in the domain of quality engineering in general and software testing specifically. As a result, it’s even more challenging to deliver a higher-quality end-user experience.

In this context, managed software testing services (MTS) can be a real lifesaver for companies.

By definition, MTS means outsourcing all software quality assurance responsibilities for better results at a lower cost, but in reality, this is much more than that.

It plays a pivotal role in boosting your business.

Let us have a look at the six ways that managed testing services can improve your business:

1.     Dedicated and scalable resources

For many organizations, investing in different kinds of resources to set up an in-house QA team is not a question of budget but its effective utilization. It is widely observed that companies that do not have a round-the-clock dedicated software testing function tend to divert these in-house QA resources in their core business processes from development to operations.

Another major roadblock of maintaining an in-house QA team is its scalability. Organizations that do not have software testing as a core part of their business find it challenging to scale their QA teams according to the required increase in QA needs.

Therefore, companies outsource their software testing process to trusted quality engineering providers, making the complete process convenient and stress-free.

Moreover, a dedicated QA team allocated to your business means these teams can be scaled on-demand seamlessly across multiple technologies. It also enables your business to deliver a wide range of diverse expertise efficiently.

2.     Customized software testing solutions

In order to be one jump ahead in this highly competitive market, businesses need to tailor their services and products with respect to the customers. Moreover, for organizations, having more customized business offerings not only means increasing the number of offerings but also their respective quality levels.

It can be difficult for businesses across all sectors to ensure high quality for all their tailor-made services and products. The fundamental challenge here, is to have the diverse technological skillset for testing the respective businesses’ offerings.

3.     Seamless & cost-effective approach

Both, the development and QA teams, are a part of the same scrum team, but their approach to work, state of mind, and methodologies are quite distinct. In fact, on most occasions, testing an application can be more complicated than developing the application.

Therefore, having a dedicated team instead of diverting the resources from the development team can significantly ease businesses’ testing woes.

Software testing expenses also take up a considerable part of businesses’ IT budgets. However, most organizations prefer to decrease their QA expenses without compromising on quality. Hence, cost optimization comes into the picture.

Businesses that do not possess the core testing expertise often find it tricky to optimize their respective testing cost in accordance with the project. As a result, such businesses end up spending more than required. However, with managed testing services, companies are relieved of this and many such tricky situations.

4.     Business understanding and regulations

Software testing requires a specific set of skill that would be distinct for different applications and industries. For example, an expert in finance application QA testing may not be as proficient in testing medical applications.

Just like every industry, the software testing industry also has different standards and guidelines to follow. In addition, these regulations are different for various sectors. So, organizations that do not have the core testing expertise in the respective industries often fail to implement these standards in applications pertaining to those sectors.

However, with MTS, organizations will no longer have to worry about adhering to these regulations since the QA teams provided to the businesses possess the right business knowledge and technology understanding.

During this process, businesses also gain hands-on experience and access, which can help them in their future projects.

5.     Technology innovation and faster delivery

Innovation is the only way organizations can keep themselves afloat in this highly competitive technological marketplace.

Managed testing services can prove to be very effective in driving technology innovation for businesses, both in their core expert areas as well as in software testing.

Organizations that have opted for MTS have very few things to worry about regarding software. As a result, these companies can devote their time and resources towards their core expertise and strive for technological innovation.

Moreover, with MTS, these organizations can have dedicated tech professionals for software testing, thereby increasing the chances of also innovating their QA processes.

Since most technology advancements are focused on driving better quality and faster service delivery, it helps organizations provide their customers with better services swiftly and seamlessly.

6.     Mitigating security threats and vulnerabilities

With the advancement of technology, security concerns have also risen significantly. Most cybercriminals are technology experts, which is why businesses also need highly proficient specialists to stop or tackle the menace of breaches.

In this respect, MTS can prove to be very helpful as it provides businesses with dedicated resources with ample cyber security testing expertise, in addition to advanced technologies. From SQL injection to Cross-site Scripting (XSS), conducting successful and comprehensive security testing is only possible if experts are performing it.

Key takeaways

Be it reducing risk, decreasing delivery time or cutting down on cost, MTS can be effective on all fronts. For companies looking to increase their quality parameters while moving towards rapid digital transformation, MTS can be considered a long-awaited universal panacea.

However, providing MTS is not within everyone’s capabilities or experience. The high level of technological expertise and technical experience required for the task is difficult to find in most Quality Engineering companies. But, with Qualitest’s dedicated managed testing services, things can be different.

With Qualitest’s managed testing services, your business only must aim for the outcome, and we will take care of the rest. Speak with our experts via chat today.

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