Insights Blog Legacy Upgrade Regression Tests Run 96% Faster

Case Study

Legacy Upgrade Regression Tests Run 96% Faster

Outdated technology forces rewrite. Qualitest increases test coverage while reducing tests execution time.

Client Overview

Our client is a trusted leader offering health and benefits, human resource management, staffing, insurance and retirement planning services to major market sectors.  Their online product suite is recognized among the most advanced, secure, and user friendly online applications by the IT security profession for many years.  They have also received many prestigious awards for being best in class when it comes to Customer Service.

Business Needs and Objectives

With Adobe dropping Flash completely by 2020 and many browsers (like Chrome) phasing Flash out before then, companies are rushing to transition to HTML 5 before support ends.  Our client had chosen the popular Adobe Flash technology that will soon become obsolete.  To make matters worse, recent healthcare changes have added complexity, elements of constant change and chaos to these efforts. Also, the database environment required constant monitoring to address any instability, data quality or replication issues.

The Qualitest Solution

After Qualitest faced issues with client’s systems for our payroll services, we conducted a POC where users (our test engineers) created a defect log.  We presented this to the client, helping win us a testing services contract with them.

We replaced their slow in-house manual testing with automated testing, using Selenium backed by a Robot framework and HTML DOM to functionally test the various user input screens.  Automating testing cut the new build sprints in half to 2 weeks.  Also, Qualitest implemented sanity testing in the first 1-2 days of that 2-week process, providing early critical bug alerts to the development team for timely debugging.

We developed scenarios and tests for SQA Test Automation which started out as simply sanity and smoke tests, but evolved to powerful and time-saving regression tests. Time-consuming, lengthy, fragile and mildly accurate manual tests evolved into fast-running, detailed, stable, and highly accurate automated tests.  The best part?  A button click has replaced lengthy, monotonous people work.

Key Benefits:

  • Qualitest has taken on extra responsibilities with Release Management to help the process become more robust
  • Initial Value Added (25%), Predictability (+50%), Communication (+75%)
  • Reduced Regression Response Time from 8 hours to 19 minutes (over a 96% reduction)
  • Increased Overall Team Efficiency by 60%
  • Increased Test Coverage from 10% to 75%
  • High Retention Rate – Long Term Business Relationship
  • Our client is confident in recommending Qualitest
  • As the client has become happy with our successes, we continue to add additional testing services beyond those used in our first project
  • Technical expertise leveraged: JIRA, Microsoft, Ranorex, Selenium, SQL, Test Automation Framework (TAF)
  • Testing domains leveraged: Billing, CRM, Financial, Healthcare, Insurance and IT
  • Disciplines leveraged: automation, cross-browser, exploratory, functional, performance and load, network, web service, website, test leadership, plan and design, and Acceptance Test Driven Development, across Agile, Kanban and Scrum