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Case Study

Off-Shore Resourcing

A client started a project that would replace most of their back end systems, risking the integrity of every system feeding from it, while utilizing a popular open source business application. Would the budget-sensitive project survive the client’s first engagement of formal, external testing?

Client Overview

One of the UK’s leading Web-based retailers selling the latest gadgets and technology to customers all over the world

Business Needs and Objectives

Prior to engaging Qualitest, the client had already initiated a project that was expected to replace most of their back end systems. The impact of this project was to be felt across the organization, including the warehouse, finance, commercial and customer services facilities. The solution chosen was based on an open source application that is widely used by small and large businesses throughout the world. The project was budget sensitive and this was the first engagement of a formal, external, testing capability.

Testing Challenges

The challenge for Qualitest was to deliver testing that was:

  • Sensitive to the budget requirements of the client
  • Able to integrate into an informal process environment
  • Could meet the needs of a dynamic retail environment
  • Able to meet the time sensitive requirements of the project.

The project was working towards a July release date, in order to put the systems live prior to the start of the pre-Christmas increase in business.

The Qualitest Solution

Qualitest provided both on-shore and off-shore resourcing under the Qualitest Consultancy-led Off-shore Managed Service model. A local communications layer was provided to ensure that change control could be managed quickly and effectively within the dynamic environment. Requirements to change resourcing profiles were responded to quickly and effectively, with ramp up and ramp down SLAs being less than 5 days in most instances. Deliverables included:

  • Detailed work estimates
  • Project Plans
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Results

Key Benefits

The solution provided to the client has provided immediate benefit by:

  • Providing a cost sensitive solution
  • Giving a very flexible approach during times of quick and significant change to scope and budget
  • Providing a local communications layer that could respond appropriately and effectively