Insights Blog Qualitest Improves Test Automation ROI with Automation Planner

Case Study

Qualitest Improves Test Automation ROI with Automation Planner

When regression testing is killing your 3D printing releases, relief maps nicely through automation.

Client Overview

The client is a pioneer in high-resolution 3-Dimensional printing systems enables manufacturers and industrial designers to reduce cost of product development cycles and dramatically shorten time-to-market of new products. Their systems are in use by world leaders in many industries, such as automotive, electronics, toy, consumer goods, and footwear industries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan.

Their solution is a highly complex system comprised of 4 different application including remote clients. Because of that complexity, the client team had tried to implement an automation solution in order to improve automation ROI and testing process.

Business Needs and Objectives

The client’s testing team is constantly facing mammoth challenge in providing a reliable, high-quality solution for their customers. Because of the solution complexity, the client decided to implement an automation process. In order to succeed in automation tests the company needs to have experts in the field of automation and testers that can read and write code.

The Test Center manager wanted to automate their usually manually tests and to write new tests in order to increase efficiencies within his workgroup. The client’s test team tried to implement in the past automation solutions but it was not successful.

The Qualitest Solution

Qualitest developed a suite of tools that create a Keyword Driven Testing Framework, which makes the creation of automated test cases easy. It allows every tester to plan, design and execute test automation scripts and guarantees the test automation success.

The solution that Qualitest delivered was combined from:

  • Automation Planner Suite – create, edit, manage and run KDT test cases
  • QTP – execute the tests on the client’s application UI
  • Training – QualiTest experts trained the client’s QA team on the Automation Planner and KDT methodology

The complete solution was implemented in just 3 months.

Qualitest solution helped the client test their system in a much faster and sophisticated way. Their test team was able to perform the automated test without any code knowledge and on a result the client improved their ROI.

Key Benefits

Using Automation Planner, the client easily designs, controls and manages automation tests processes.

Benefits included:

  • All of the testing team can now design and write automatic tests, regardless of whether or not they have code knowledge.
  • Manual tests can easily be transformed into automatic tests.
  • Automatic testing time was reduced by 50%.
  • Automation Planner integrates with all leading test management and test automation tools.


“We have tried to implement an alternative automation solution in the past and did not succeed. However, due to the complexity of our solution we realized that automation was critical to providing a reliable, high-quality solution for our customers” said the client’s Test Center Manager.  “Qualitest delivered a working system in just 3 months. Furthermore, Qualitest Automation Planner enables our entire testing team to write automation tests. The result is a highly efficient process that has reduced our testing cycle time and improved the Test Automation ROI.”