Insights Blog Qualitest Lifts UX for Major Credit Union with Defect-free Salesforce CRM Integration

Case Study

Qualitest Lifts UX for Major Credit Union with Defect-free Salesforce CRM Integration

With such a large-scale initiative, there was a critical need for thorough testing of the Salesforce implementation and the various system integrations.

CRM Salesforce for Credit Unions

Ensure optimum member experience with offerings based on data-driven insights.  

Migrate member data to  Salesforce CRM and assure safe integration with current systems. 


Created and executed 1,200+ test cases with Microsoft Azure DevOps and Postman API testing.  

 Managed UAT testing by Client’s business users. 


Newly integrated CRM system deployed with zero critical defects in production. 

Dramatic increase in First Call Resolution of member issues post-deployment. 

Client Overview 

The Client is a $4.9 billion full-service, not-for-profit financial institution that provides Select Employer Group (SEG) and community banking to over 300,000 members across the US and Puerto Rico. It is ranked among America’s Top 100 credit unions and has been one of the country’s fastest-growing credit unions over the last four decades.  

Since the institution is a not-for-profit, its members are owners, and the Client strives to make each one feel a sense of ownership. The Client’s passion is empowering members to discover financial freedom throughout their life journey, supporting them with the right products and services.  

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You . . .    

Our Client knew that the ability to understand what matters most to members was key to offering the right products and services. Credit union managers realized that a centralized CRM system housing all member information would provide the data and analytics needed to achieve this deeper understanding, guiding more personalized, precisely targeted offerings.   

The Client selected Salesforce CRM to help accomplish this goal. This called for a complex implementation that involved integrations with internal banking and financial systems already in place.  

With such a large-scale initiative, there was a critical need for thorough testing of the Salesforce implementation and the various system integrations. The Client entrusted Qualitest to manage this crucial aspect of the project.  

“The integrated Salesforce CRM system was deployed with zero critical defects in production.”

The Right Quality Team + the Right QE Tools 

Qualitest’s extensive experience with data migrations, integration testing and Salesforce meant we could start delivering from Day One.  

  • Our team created and executed over 1,200 test cases, utilizing Microsoft Azure DevOps for test case and defect management and Postman for API testing.  
  • Performed system integration testing of Salesforce with the client’s internal business and banking applications, each with a wealth of client data to migrate into Salesforce.  
  • Qualitest also managed the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) performed by the client’s business users. 
  • Last, we established a regression test suite the Client could utilize in the future, which will increase testing efficiency.   

Key Benefits 

Qualitest was able to execute all of the Client’s stated project goals within the allotted time frame. In addition, the implementation of a centralized member data repository carries the long-term benefits of continually improving products, services and user experience.   

  • The integrated Salesforce CRM system was deployed with zero critical defects in production.  
  • The centralization of member data led to deeper member insights for the branch network 
  • First Call Resolution of member issues increased dramatically. 

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