Insights Blog Qualitest Validates Intranet Functionality for a Fortune 500 Pharma Company

Case Study

Qualitest Validates Intranet Functionality for a Fortune 500 Pharma Company

Qualitest works with a bio-pharmaceutical company and leverages our expertise to overhaul and update previous testing processes and strategies. Leveraging Qualitest’s Right-Shore model, the client was able to ramp up on-site and remote QA resources quickly and efficiently.

Client Overview

The client is a Fortune 500 biopharmaceutical company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative medicines, with over a dozen commercially available products.  They have operations worldwide.

Business Needs and Objectives

Qualitest was tasked with functionally testing the new implementation of the company’s intranet.  The intranet included blogposts, employee portal, and SharePoint access.  The client had come up with a number of test cases that they believed would allow them to test the service.  A Qualitest team would be responsible to run these tests and report the results.

While not part of the original business needs, during the course of the project, the client production team switched to a Scrum-style process, which required a similar switch to our processes.

The original system under test needed to work with Windows using a Chrome browser but was expanded to also include mobile access support.

The Qualitest Solution

Qualitest setup a team with onsite and remote resources for the client.  Upon working with client and reviewing their testing process, we identified inconsistencies in their testing suite.  There were a number of QA issues that were not being addressed by the initial suite of tests.  Also the requirements that these tests were supposed to satisfy were not all being met.   The Qualitest team remapped requirements, rewrote test cases, and added new test cases, thus creating a whole new test suite.  We then proposed the new test suite to the client, pointing out areas of vulnerability in their previous test suite.  This demonstrated to the client the testing knowledge of our testers.

The on-going team currently maintains the testing suite for any changes.  Also they have maximized efficiency without introducing any area of quality vulnerability.  They can run a complete regression test of the site within a few days.  They also run weekly smoke tests to ensure site stability.

During the course of the project, the client production team switched to a Scrum-style process.  Due to Qualitest’s knowledge of other lifecycles, our team was not only to adapt to this change, but we were also able to assist with the transition of the client’s QA process to Scrum with fast regression testing, keeping development informed with speedy test results, and defining task completion goals and metrics.

This engagement was initially slated for a 2-3 month engagement.  Thanks to the Qualitest team’s diligence, the client has decided to continue with Qualitest on a recurring basis.

Key Points

  • QA entire intranet site
  • Have tested 6 major releases to date
  • Complete regression on any release within 3 days
  • Smoke test entire site once each week
  • Onsite and remote testing
  • Transition to Scrum environment
  • Create Test Plans and Test Cases


The client has a functioning intranet with SharePoint that supports its employees’ activities.  Implementation of a new QA and sprint process has allowed for testing of their system in a seamless and timely manner.  We at Qualitest have created an ongoing QA partnership with this client and look forward to working with them in the future, as we have with other partners.