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Case Study

Test Management and Governance for UAT & Model Office

How does a 180-year-old financial company handle a change to indexing all of their customers? By going to a testing pro like Qualitest who brought objectivity and credibility to the work.

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Client Overview

The Legal & General Group, established in 1836, is one of the UK’s leading financial services companies. At the end of 2014, their total assets was  £709B while managing £274.8B of index-tracking investments.  At the end of March, 2015, they were one of the UK’s largest providers of stocks and shares ISAs with over £6.8B of ISA funds.

Business Needs and Objectives

Legal & General had to increase their customer reference number from seven digits to nine as their client base continued to grow. The original customer number, being the primary reference for all customers, was used extensively throughout the business and therefore impacted a large range of systems at Legal & General.

Two years into the project, the required confidence in the project had not been achieved and engaging the right business representatives was proving challenging. This, in addition to a business stakeholder interpretation of the project as an IT project, meant that the success of the project was at risk.

The Qualitest Solution

We provided a Senior Test Management Consultant who quickly identified the requirements of the different stakeholders and engaged with key business representatives. Using our extensive experience, industry best practice and taking into account the disparate needs of the various stakeholders, we produced a test approach which included an extensive UAT/‘model office’ phase. We then planned, prepared and facilitated this testing which resulted not only in the business having the confidence to go live, but which also yielded a new set of business processes and the opportunity to train business champions. By bringing objectivity and credibility to the proposed work we won over the business representatives and achieved active and positive engagement for this and future programs of work.

Key Benefits

  • New, fully documented business processes were created
  • Mentorship, support and training of business SMEs throughout the model office created “business champions” for the new processes
  • Key business stakeholders were actively and positively engaged with this and future programs of work
  • The new system was finally deployed, there were no production issues, the L&G brand was fully protected and the business systems future proofed
  • A detailed UAT regression test pack was created to support future work on the systems


[QualiTest] provided quality people, an excellent standard of service delivery and demonstrated a good appreciation of our business needs. I can highly recommend them.”  — Andy , Head of Change & IT