Insights Podcast: The Testing Show

Podcast: The Testing Show

The Testing Show explores, pokes and prods anything and everything related to testing, with new episodes released every other Wednesday. Our hosts, Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen, will analyze tried and true methodologies and practices against on trend and emerging topics. We have a range of guest contributors from Qualitest as well as industry experts from around the world to share insights, knowledge and personal experience. So take minute to find out what others are saying in the testing world.

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The Testing Show: The Dying Business? Really?

How many times has the death of testing been touted? How many talks have been giving declaring the death of testing? Granted, those talks have a specific context that is not often noticed, but the statement gets said a great deal.

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The Testing Show: TestOps

DevOps & Agile

As the idea of melding operations and software development led to the discipline of DevOps, so has the idea of melding testing and operations led to the concept of TestOps where many of the operations areas also fall under the role of the testing teams(s) and help organizations actually get a handle on how they can better test for infrastructure needs and make sure that feature enhancements and code changes aren’t just deployed efficiently but work their best as well.

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The Testing Show: Insurance Testing

Does the idea of wearing a device that can monitor your movement, heart rate, and blood pressure to lower your health insurance premiums (or raise them in some cases) intrigue you or scare you? Does the idea of a plug-in for your car that measures your driving habits, perhaps affecting your insurance rates have you questioning things? If so, then come join Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen as they talk with Simon Pickersgill and Anthony White about some of the areas related to testing in the world of insurance.

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The Testing Show: Talking About Risk

Today’s show gets away from the typical risk and testing approach, as in what techniques to use. Instead, Jenny Bramble,…

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The Testing Show: Quality Engineering with Anbu Muppidathi

It’s our 100th Episode and Qualitest has a new Chief Executive and “Chief Testing” Officer designate in Anbu Muppidathi who joins Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen to talk about Quality Engineering as a unique discipline and differentiator. How does Quality Engineering go beyond traditional notions of Quality Assurance?

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The Testing Show: Building Testers


For many organizations and educational systems, there’s a need for testers and testing talent but there isn’t a clear path for someone to go learn about testing and become a software tester, at least not in a traditional education sense.

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The Testing Show: Test Management

Managed Testing Services

What does test management mean in today’s software development world? Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen welcome Gwen Iarussi and Lalitkumar Bhamare to talk about the differences in test management of previous decades vs. today’s needs and requirements. Finding that “what is the value driver for our business?” is a critical piece among many.

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The Testing Show: Storm Readiness Testing

Storm Readiness Testing Utilities

Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen welcome Kimberly Humphrey and Scott Swanigan to talk about Storm Readiness Testing and how organizations can plan for the worst and be up and running as quickly as possible.

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The Testing Show: API Testing


In todays fast paced and ever more complex software development landscape, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are more important than ever. Testing them has their own unique challenges. This week, Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen talk with Beth Marshall, Ben Dowen, and Andrew Knight about the unique challenges testers face when working with and testing APIs and the variety of methods to make those challenges a little less daunting.

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