Insights Podcast: The Testing Show

Podcast: The Testing Show

The Testing Show explores, pokes and prods anything and everything related to testing, with new episodes released every other Wednesday. Our hosts, Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen, will analyze tried and true methodologies and practices against on trend and emerging topics. We have a range of guest contributors from Qualitest as well as industry experts from around the world to share insights, knowledge and personal experience. So take minute to find out what others are saying in the testing world.

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The Testing Show: Testing For Pharma


The pharmaceutical space (Pharma) is an area where many people have ideas of a tightly regulated environment, where initiatives can…

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The Testing Show: Six Personas in Software Testing to Avoid

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a certain level of dysfunction that can take hold in various…

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The Testing Show: Do We Still Need the Phrase “Agile Testing”?

DevOps & Agile Scaled Agile

Agile as a development practice (and by extension Agile Testing) has been around now for two decades. By virtue of…

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The Testing Show: The Accessibility Mindset?


Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen welcome Aditya Bangari and Riya Sharma to discuss how we can adopt an Accessibility Mindset and how that mindset can help guide us towards a more inclusive user experience.

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The Testing Show: Is It Testable?

One of the great challenges of software testing is the fact that software is often designed to accomplish goals for a user but is developed in a way that is resistant to testing. In addition to knowing what to test and where to test, we should be asking how we want to test and if our testing goals are even possible. Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen welcome Gil Zilberfeld to discuss how do we make our products more testable and how we can leverage those capabilities.

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The Testing Show: Live from QASummit: Post Game Wrap Up

This week’s show comes live from the QA Summit, held in South Jordan, Utah on July 28, 2021. Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen welcome back Rachel Kibler and Gwen Iarussi, as well as Pax Noyes to discuss takeaways from the QA Summit talks and to also highlight QA at the Point, Women Who Test, and other initiatives happening around the Salt Lake valley to inspire and help develop current and future software testers.

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The Testing Show: The QA Summit Pre-Game Show

It’s been quite some time since we have been able to attend in-person conferences. For a brief window, vaccination rates and easing of travel restrictions allowed Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen to attend the Xpanxion sponsored “QA Summit 2021”, held in South Jordan, Utah, at the end of July, 2021. As part of the speaking group at the conference, Matt and Michael met up with Gwen Iarussi and Rachel Kibler to discuss their talks and the conference in general.

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The Testing Show: The Dying Business? Really?

How many times has the death of testing been touted? How many talks have been giving declaring the death of testing? Granted, those talks have a specific context that is not often noticed, but the statement gets said a great deal.

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The Testing Show: TestOps

DevOps & Agile

As the idea of melding operations and software development led to the discipline of DevOps, so has the idea of melding testing and operations led to the concept of TestOps where many of the operations areas also fall under the role of the testing teams(s) and help organizations actually get a handle on how they can better test for infrastructure needs and make sure that feature enhancements and code changes aren’t just deployed efficiently but work their best as well.

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