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Adapting to Changing Landscapes in Dialysis

Advances in digital technology are driving changes in dialysis treatments for kidney failure disease. This white paper demonstrates how Qualitest's solutions for connected health can help maintain the ultra reliability demanded in healthcare as it moves towards telehealth for improved patient and practitioner outcomes.

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Despite major advantages, patients on home dialysis still only represent a small percentage of the total end-stage kidney disease population worldwide, with only a few exceptions.

We’ve created this white paper to demonstrate the latest technology underpinning modern telehealth treatments for kidney failure disease. This white paper briefly touches upon the history, evolution, current and emerging trends in kidney treatments, before exploring the need for connected health and Qualitest’s digital health solutions. It concludes with illustrations of connected health, its various benefits, and how it will only play an increasingly significant role in home dialysis in future.

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The 19-page white paper’s chapters include:

  • Need for connected health.
  • Connected health (Telehealth).
  • Connected health in dialysis treatments.
  • Adapting to a changing landscape.
  • Added value propositions for stakeholders.

Download your free copy below.