About Team Neri Lavi

Neri Lavi

Managing Director, US West and LATAM

Neri joined Qualitest in 2012 to manage Qualitest’s western US operations, and has moved on to manage all of the US operations during 2016. Prior to joining Qualitest, Neri acted as a QA manager at a global software company managing distributed testing teams as well as acting as a scrum master. Neri is a software testing expert with strong experience in managing test teams and implementing Agile processes. He has published multiple QA Testing and Scrum articles and has delivered lectures and training seminars worldwide.

In addition, Neri has extensive experience in implementing automated testing tools and methodologies. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA as part of a special program for excellent students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

When he is away from work, he mainly spends his time hiking, surfing, and cooking new recipes.