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OnlineTestConf Launches First Ever 100% Web Conference for Testers Worldwide

Qualitest and and PractiTest, leaders in the fields of Testing Services and Test Management Solutions, announced that OnlineTestConf has surpassed the 2,000 attendee mark prior to the event.
November 28, 2016
Virtual Conference

The OnlineTestConf is the first ever conference around Testing and Quality Assurance to be 100% online and free of charge to all its attendees.  Under the main sponsorship of QualiTest and PractiTest, and with additional sponsors from a number of companies in the testing industry, this conference will broadcast presentations from thought leaders from all over the testing world, including: Rob Lambert, Oren Rubin, Aleksandra Petrovic, Derk-Jan de Grood, Aaron Evans, Joel Montvelisky, Lalitkumar Bhamare, Adam Knight, Mike Sparks.




On the idea of the OnlineTestConf, PractiTest Chief Solution Architect Joel Montvelisky said, “After attending and speaking at a number of conferences around the world we realized that the vast majority of testers cannot enjoy the benefits of taking part in these events, either because they are too expensive or because they cannot get their employers to give them time to travel and attend, and so we decided to make it pain-free and simple to take part in this event”.

QualiTest Chief Marketer Ami Sterling added, “There are a number of physical conferences that allow people to join remotely, see the sessions and even ask questions, but as everyone is surely aware this is never the same as attending live, mostly because speakers build their presentations for live audiences. On our OnlineTestConf, the main focus is on the live broadcasting and the audience joining remotely, enabling a real learning experience.”

The OnlineTestConf is taking place on Nov 29-Nov 30,10am-3pm Eastern US time and between 4 and 9 PM Central European Time. Users are invited to sign up for the sessions at no cost from the conference’s site www.onlinetestconf.com, and follow-up on updates around the sessions from the event’s twitter account – @OnlineTestConf

The event is also sponsored by VornexSoftwaretestingtools.com, and Tea-time with Testers magazine.

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