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Qualitest Group Establishes an Onshore Test Center for Qualcomm

Qualitest announced today the recent establishment of a dedicated onshore test center for Qualcomm in San Diego CA.
June 21, 2011
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QualiTest Group, a global leader in quality assurance and software testing services announced today the recent establishment of a dedicated onshore test center for Qualcomm in San Diego CA.
The test center was established just a few miles away from Qualcomm’s headquarters to enable better communication and increased efficiency while still providing the benefits of outsourced QA and testing.

Prior to starting at the test center, each key QualiTest testing expert spends a few weeks at one of Qualcomm’s labs to familiarizing themselves with Qualcomm’s systems, processes and to establish relationships with their Qualcomm counterparts. They continue to visit the Qualcomm labs at least twice a month thereafter to maintain close communications and enable quick issue resolution.

This approach has enabled Qualcomm to maintain its fast paced delivery and high quality standards while reducing its overall QA and testing costs. Yaron Kottler, QualiTest CEO, said: “we are excited about the opportunity to partner with Qualcomm and provide onshore QA and testing outsourcing services. This is a further validation of our Onshore QA and testing strategy, delivering all of our services either at customer sites or through local test centers.

Simply put, onshore QA and testing outsourcing is a better quality solution at an overall lower cost when compared to other approaches, including offshore testing outsourcing”.

Onshore Testing

QualiTest delivers all of its testing services onshore, either at the customer site or through test centers not more than a few hours drive from our customers. Our experience shows that working onshore leads to better communication, reduced management attention and most importantly — Higher efficiency. Businesses that are currently relying on offshore IT services such as testing are reporting low levels of satisfaction. An independent study by Forrester Research shows that over 38% of the companies now involved with offshore IT and testing are either very dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied with the quality of the services they are receiving. Over the last few years, the rate of dissatisfaction has increased by over 58%, while the percentage of companies reporting any level of satisfaction is down by 53%. The low level of satisfaction is due to factors such as:

  • The need for higher than expected management attention.
  • Cultural and language gaps leading to communication challenges
  • Increasing costs (at times up to 25% a year)
  • Lack of understanding of business processes and business needs
  • Lack of personnel stability
  • Time zone differences
  • Maturity of IT processes

Yaron Kottler, QualiTest CEO, elaborates: “By considerably improving communication, tapping into a highly qualified local work force, and utilizing local government subsidies and tax benefit, QualiTest Onshore testing services are not just better, they are also cheaper” … “clearly, the hourly cost per offshore testing resource is lower but the lower efficiency forces organizations to utilize more testing resources in order to maintain quality and meet schedules, thus driving the overall cost up”.

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