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Qualitest Head of AI and Data Science Joins Israel Ministry of Health Research Advisory Group to Inform Coronavirus Response

Will utilize Qualitest’s expert AI team and advanced analysis tools to support MoH research.
April 20, 2020

London (April 20, 2020) – Qualitest, the world’s largest software testing and quality assurance company, announced today that Ron Ritter, Head of AI and Data Science, has joined a research advisory group for the Israel Ministry of Health (MoH), working towards analyzing data and providing insights that will help inform the country’s response to the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Along with a team of esteemed physicians and scientists from the country’s most prestigious medical institutions and hospitals, Ritter is tasked with analyzing data related to the coronavirus spread and providing the Research Advisory Group for Ministry of Health with insights that will help inform decisions to contain and slow the spread of the virus. Part of Ritter’s data analyses so far has included research on how temperature and humidity affect the spread and condition of the virus.

Insights gained from the research advisory group’s data analytics will ultimately be shared with the MoH in order to provide better ways of understanding the cause line of the coronavirus outbreak and mitigate the effects of the pandemic on the Israeli population.

To support Ron’s research, he is utilizing the full range of both Qualitest’s cutting edge AI team and their analysis tools to validate and test both structured and unstructured data supplied by the Ministry of Health and its partners.

Ron Ritter, Head of AI and Data Science, said, “During this challenging time we must all do what we can to combat the spread of COVID-19. For many, that is staying at home and following the WHO guidelines – I am fortunate to be in a position to aid Israel’s battle against this pandemic by bringing by data science experience along with the full force of Qualitest’s expertise to assist the Ministry of Health, and it is an honor to do so.”

Norm Merritt, CEO at Qualitest said, “COVID-19 is a global threat, and combatting its spread must be viewed as a priority for everyone. We’re proud to be able to support the Israel Ministry of Health efforts through Ron’s research, and will make available all our resources to do so.”

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