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Qualitest Partners with Red-Team Security to Offer Expanded Comprehensive Solutions

Qualitest Group is proud to join Red-Team Security to expand testing capabilities.
March 20, 2017
Cyber Security

[London, February 28th 2017]  QualiTest Group, the world’s largest pure play QA and independent software testing company, today announced the expansion of its testing capabilities through a strategic partnership with Red-Team Security. Red-Team Security is an independent, UK-based leading provider of ethical security testing services. The partnership will result in the availability of web and mobile application penetration testing, infrastructure assessments, source code reviews, social engineering and forensic analysis, along with monitoring of cyber threats powered by Red-Team Security for QualiTest customers.

“Teaming up with Red-Team Security marks an important step in cementing our reputation as an industry-leading, all-inclusive QA solution,” said QualiTest VP of Global Alliances and UK Business Manager, Aviram Shotten.“Binding our solutions together helps us offer agile and legacy security solutions for DevOps,that are a vital part of QualiTest’s ongoing efforts to expand its cyber security offerings.”

The suite of ethical hacking services provided by Red-Team Security will enable QualiTest customers to address the growing threats faced by companies in nearly every sector, providing them with enhanced security alongside QualiTest’s trademark quality. The partnership also allows QualiTest access to an experienced team of security experts in the fields of information assurance and cybersecurity that will support QualiTest in adapting to a constantly changing cybersecurity landscape.

“Partnering with QualiTest was an easy decision, they’re truly a leader in the QA space, they have a history of successful partnerships, and we have a range of services that adds an important layer of security for their clients,” said Red-Team Security CEO, Dave Hewson. “We’re thrilled that QualiTest have chosen us and we’re sure that we can continue to expand on this partnership to provide effective, valued solutions in a constantly changing cybersecurity environment.”

About QualiTest Group

 QualiTest is the world’s largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialist. QualiTest designs and delivers solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with cutting-edge, testing technology. QualiTest offers a wide range of personalized testing solutions with years of expertise in the technology, telecom, healthcare, finance, defense, media, utilities and retail industries. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and India, the company serves over 500 customers and employs thousands of experienced professionals worldwide. QualiTest is backed by majority equity holder, Marlin Equity Partners since 2016.

About Red-Team Security

Red-Team Security is a UK company that specialises in the provision of world-class information security testing services to a broad cross-section of businesses in the UK and overseas. Our team has established a reputation for being experts in the field of information assurance and cyber security.Our comprehensive Ethical Hacking services range from Penetration Testing and Application Assessment services through to Infrastructure Analysis, Source Code Reviews Social Engineering and Forensic Analysis.

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