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Qualitest Releases Telecom Testing Solution Version 2.0

Qualitest Group launched an end-to-end testing solution for telecom, covering telecom business systems, network systems, and the digital front end.
February 22, 2018

[Fairfield, Connecticut, February 22nd, 2018] – QualiTest Group, the world’s largest pure play QA and independent software testing company, launched an end-to-end testing solution for telecom, covering telecom business systems, network systems, and the digital front end.

The 2.0 offering builds upon QualiTest’s original telecom solution with enhanced crowd testing and both local and off-shoring capabilities that can be tailored to the context of the client’s needs.
QualiTest’s Telecom Testing Solution 2.0 has been developed based upon several years of experience testing for EE, Britain’s largest mobile communications company, and giffgaff, another major UK telecom operator owned by O2 parent company Telefónica. Nearly all telecom testing services on the market are limited in their scope and specialize in one service, leaving telecom operators with limited testing capabilities, and ultimately inferior service. QualiTest’s solution is unique in its end-to-end offering across the whole IT stack, including OSS, BSS, and Revenue Assurance – across 2/3/4 and upcoming 5G – as well as Value-Added Data Service solutions and Business Assurance from mobile consumer to network operator and back, with GDPR compliance at all points of data transit.

As providers and their customers have become increasingly globalized, the interactions between telecom companies that enable international service and the corresponding regulations have become more complex. EU roaming regulations instituted in 2017 stipulate that all EU carriers must charge a fixed rate for data services, changing consumer behaviors and leaving telecoms scrambling to comply. QualiTest enables its customers to save significant costs on sending resources to SIMs abroad to ensure the interaction between networks in multiple countries and compliance via crowd testing. The result is increased quality, reduced time to market, and lower costs, with better results due to QualiTest’s international crowd testing capabilities.

“We’re crossing borders as never before, and seamless connectivity without exorbitant fees is what consumers now expect,” said Ayal Zylberman, CEO of QualiTest. “With our comprehensive telecom solution, we’re allowing vendors to offer their customers a seamless experience, ensuring that customers are maintained, and that service providers can quickly and efficiently ensure legal compliance and enhance Annual Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) through reliable, fast, safe, and cutting-edge services.”

QualiTest’s end-to-end Telecom Testing Solution 2.0 is available for telecom providers in the UK and internationally.

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QualiTest is the world’s largest pure play software testing and quality assurance specialist. QualiTest designs and delivers solutions that leverage deep industry-specific understanding with cutting-edge testing technology. QualiTest offers a wide range of personalized testing solutions with years of expertise in the technology, telecom, healthcare, finance, defense, media, utilities and retail industries. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel and India, the company serves over 500 customers worldwide. QualiTest is backed by majority equity holder, Marlin Equity Partners since 2016.

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