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Qualitest Secured a $40 Million Managed Testing Services Contract with a Large Bank

Qualitest secured a $40 million Managed Testing Services contract with a Large Bank. A comprehensive SLA shall guarantee Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction.
January 9, 2013
Banking and Financial Services

QualiTest Group, the world’s largest independent software testing company, announced today a new $40 Million Managed Testing Services project for a large bank. QualiTest shall undertake full responsibility for the bank’s IT testing through a new dedicated state-of-the-art test center located nearby the bank’s central offices.

The bank has over $ 100 Bn in assets, thousands of physical locations and over 10,000 employees. The bank offers a wide range of financial services including consumer and business banking, investment banking, mortgages, insurance, private equity and asset and wealth management. At any given time, the bank runs hundreds of information technology projects. As a national bank, any downtime is immediately evident, harming the bank’s business and generating immediate media attention.

The bank was seeking to turn testing into a more efficient process from the cost and staff point of view while ensuring that testing best practices at a high professional level are brought into the process. In addition, the bank wanted to evolve from 100% manual testing to the use of automated testing tools.

QualiTest was chosen to establish a comprehensive, state-of-the-art test center nearby the bank’s central offices and to provide the hardware that can run tests as required. The site was connected, via a secured connection that meets stringent internal policies and regulatory requirements, to the bank. QualiTest has staffed the test center with over 100 employees, 70% of which migrated from the bank to QualiTest.

Few quality KPIs were set as part of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), including a guarantee provided to the bank to find at least 95% of the total defects in the system under test and at least 99.9% of critical defects.

We are honored the bank chose QualiTest Managed Testing Services solution to fulfill its testing needs. Using QualiTest Quality Dashboard, fully integrated with the bank’s Test Management and Support systems, our customer is able to view the actual quality level delivered online and on a real-time basis.” Explained Taly Shem-Tov, QualiTest CEO. “This transparency, combined with a SLA based testing model, fully aligns the banks interest with our own, making us all strive towards the same goals.” She added.

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