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A learning tool for intelligent organizations.

 A Qualitools product

Qualicoach is a dedicated learning portal for you to implement the continuous learning process in your organisation and foster ongoing learning on a regular basis to upskill current and new employees.

Your Benefits

Manage your training the right way.

Qualicoach is your one-stop shop for learning management, enabling you to share knowledge as part of your Continuous Learning Process.


Develop your people.

Upskill your team so they can progress and better adapt to changing technologies, while maintaining and expanding the work delivered.


Support your organization from all angles.

With custom courses you can not only solve upskilling challenges from a technology perspective, but also around the domain, tools and internal process perspective.


Give education the priority it deserves.

Get SME support and consultation by Qualitest for your teams, make onboarding easier for new employees and also ensure existing knowledge is transferred successfully.

Our Features

Education is the key to success and Qualicoach is the key to education.

Qualicoach gives you better control over your training courses and vast variety of options as well as access to the reporting you need to leverage the training throughout your organization.


Wide Range of Courses

Take advantage of 50+ Custom courses to kick start training/onboarding on various testing types, like Functional, Automation, API, Security and Performance.


Online/Offline Classes

Enjoy the flexibility of both of online and classroom training sessions.


Better Education Choices

Get more control over the courses and content, including onsite hosting options and have unlimited users, and including support of various content training materials, like videos, images and documents.


Full Data Access

Retain all historical courses and data to enable weekly decommissioning of courses. Get reporting for various levels to manage enrolments, courses and student activity.


Robust Reporting & Analysis

Integrated with Qualiview for enhanced reporting, trend analysis and consolidated reporting.


Qualicoach Transforms Global Satellite Telecom Company Employees to Automation Testers


All the Client’s employees were manual testers. The Client wanted to transform all these resources into automation resources, both on UI and API. They also wanted their employees to be trained on non-functional testing, especially performance and security testing.


The Client and Qualitest established strategic goals to improve processes and reduce time to release. Qualitest deployed its scaled agile QA solution, including shift-left In-Sprint QA embedded into the SCRUM teams and end-to-end test automation.


Android & iOS mobile app development was completed with quality goals met. Release time was cut by 2/3. Android mobile apps crash rate reduced by 10x. Agile best practices were unified across all Client projects.

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