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Automatically extract testing gold from your documents.

 A Qualitools product

Qualidex is an automated tool that quickly scans text, imagery and data content from PDF files and other electronic documents for comparison against UI data and validation of data integrity. Comprehensive HTML reports help validate tests and identify failures and discrepancies.

Your Benefits

We’ll do the data scanning so you can focus on what you do best.

It’s simple: why test manually, waste time and resources when we can use Qualidex to automatically test your documents more efficiently? Put your mind at ease that your data will be in good hands.


Automate your testing.

Avoid meticulous and tedious manual testing.


Seamlessly integrate with your other automation frameworks.

Import Qualidex as a library into any automation framework and run alongside other web automation tests or as a stand-alone tool.


Save time, avoid errors.

Eliminate human error and significantly reduce testing time.

Our Features

Feed it what you will, it will do the job so you don’t have to.

Qualidex handles any number of documents, texts or images and offers a fast and flexible method to scan them all. It’s effective, saves time and allows you to be in control of your data.


Powerful Comparison and Validation

Side by Side comparison of PDFs, text docs and image files, including text comparison, layout and font changes, as well as image validation and the option to exclude dynamic objects like dates, page numbers from comparison.


Unlimited Document Scanning

Zero restrictions on the number of documents you want to scan.


Robust Reporting & Analysis

Historic data enables reporting and trend analysis by connecting to our tool Qualiview.


Qualidex Saves Time, Improves Efficiency for Leading American Insurance Company


The Client was doing manual comparison and validation of dynamic UI values in Title Insurance forms with complex generated PDFs. Other tools in the markets were not compatible with their existing framework, demanding further manual intervention.


Qualitest employed Qualidex as a cost-effective solution and automatically compared their PDF data against UI data, removing the possibility of human error. A one-time implementation designed regex pattern and compared code to validate PDFs.


HTML reports and console output reports helped managers and stakeholders to review current as well as historic reports. Qualidex saved considerable time for the Client and improved efficiency by 300%.

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