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Overcome redundant data challenges and improve your testing flow.

The massive amount of redundant data gathered during the testing process can hurt efficiency and cause additional tests and procedures. That’s why our AI-Powered Test.Consolidator tool, with its advanced AI and ML text and NLP algorithms, is able to quickly find duplicated text snippets or complete documents.

Your Benefits

Turn mountains of unstructured data into new insights.

In the Time To Market race, you can’t allow your QA process to slow down and become inefficient because of superfluous and redundant test cases. Our AI-powered Test.Consolidator was developed by our AI division experts just for this purpose: Save you time and money by giving you a better understanding of coverage and areas of potential over- or under-testing as well as new insights into your unstructured data.

Qualisense Duplication Analyzer

Put efficiency first.

Enable your team to be more effective and reduce effort spent executing unnecessary tests and procedures due to unstructured data challenges.


Speed up Time To Market.

Don’t let unwanted delays caused by redundant data challenges break your deadlines.


Get essential data about your unstructured data framework.

Clear data is the name of the game.

Qualisense Duplication Analyzer
Our Features

Analyze. Evaluate. Streamline.

Duplicated testers remarks, redundant specification reviews, linked emails, documents and memos – These all contain unstructured textual data that can be analyzed and used to optimize testing flow. Qualitest’s Test.Consolidator gives the user valuable information from data that is not easily quantified in any other traditional way and turns unstructured data feeds into profound information that can be used in the testing management flow.


Advanced AI-Powered Tool

Detect text duplication accurately with sophisticated AI and ML algorithms.


Optimized Efficiency

Track redundant or duplicate text without risking your Time To Market deadlines.


Clear Reports

Gain Insights from endless textual data.

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