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Cyber Security Testing

Change your cyber security testing


We know how continually emerging cyber threats impact your business. Our shift-left testing approach introduces security into every phase of your development journey, identifying vulnerabilities early on and proactively preventing attacks.

how we can help you

Control your cyber vulnerabilities like any other bug.

With the growing sophistication of emerging tech, cyber-attacks keep increasing. Our effective security testing solutions can prevent breaches by assessing vulnerabilities and addressing gaps in your cyber system early in your SDLC for better velocity, quality and costs.

Embed security into the core of your business
with a tailored automation framework.

Benefit from skilled support
working in cooperation with your DevSecOps/Agile teams.

 Shift-left your cyber security
to improve your velocity and quality while reducing costs.

Manage cyber threats proactively
with our advanced penetration testing solutions.

Your Benefits

Secure your business to the core.

While ensuring your systems are secure, we also pay attention to speedy delivery and ensuring continued security throughout your business processes in addition to helping you save costs.

Ensure end-to-end system security.

Ensure your security and risk mitigation through our dedicated security testing solutions across client-side, server-side and third-party code libraries.

Get security integrated at the scale and speed of Agile.

Your SDLC gets thoroughly integrated with security tooling, as our application security testing orchestration (ASTO) process utilizes a DevOps approach.

Gain greater threat awareness before they even appear.

You can identify vulnerabilities early on, through our advanced cyber engineering that utilizes AI-driven QA tools to enable enhanced penetration testing practices.

Make systems threat-free for the long run.

We introduce, grow and maintain your application security within the development process by developing a customized program partnering with you.

Our Solutions

Your security is our responsibility.

We ensure the security of your systems as you embrace emerging technologies like cloud computing, IoT, 5G and more. Our proven processes and practices assist in validating protection mechanisms to manage emerging threats proactively.

Cyber Consultancy

We offer infrastructure resilience assurance and conduct architectural review to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities affecting your products.

  • Business impact assessment
  • Threat modeling
  • Cloud config review


We secure your DevOps by streamlining cyber automated testing tools into agile\waterfall and DevOps transferring into DevSecOps, as well as integrating the right process of higher value and integration with your SDLC.

  • Dynamic Scan (DAST)
  • Static Scan (SAST)
  • Software Composition (SCA)

Expert Pen Testing

Our expert pen testing cycles focus on “capture the flag” tasks, alongside Bug Bounty programs.

  • Red teaming
  • Remediation support
  • Reverse engineering (mobile)

Cyber Assurance

We offer expert automation of your AppSec as well as advancing the democratization of your security testing to be done as part of regular testing, through functional manual & automation tests.


Qualitest’s Shift-Left Cyber Solutions Secure Cloud Infrastructure and SDLC for a Top Insurance Company.


Secure the Client’s cloud infrastructure, secure the SDLC from the earliest stages and achieve full compliance with industry and government regulations.


Qualitest defined best practices for cloud security based on AWS and Kubernetes and validated the cloud environment. We performed SAST and DAST to detect security flaws at build and production stages and identified PCI DSS compliance best practices.


Detected and fixed cloud environment security flaws, compliance gaps and risks with shift-left approach and integrated DevSecOps tools. The framework for SSDLC, security and compliance can be leveraged going forward.

“ With the experience Qualitest brought to the project, we knew there were no nasty surprises around the corner.”

— Dinesh Vadgama, SAP Competency Centre Manager, Howdens Joinery


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