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Mobile UX Testing
Case Study

Qualitest Delivers Quick-Turnaround Targeted UX Testing for Global Consumer Goods Powerhouse

Accessibility Retail UX & Usability

Discovered close to 200 new defects within the different websites. Solving the issues significantly improved accessibility and overall user experience.

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White Paper

Accessibility Testing and Why it Matters


What is accessibility? – When we say that something is “accessible,” we mean that it is available for use by as many people as possible; it is the ability for anyone and everyone to gain access to a product, device, service, or environment. What is accessibility testing? - To determine if a software product can be used by people with disabilities, we perform accessibility testing. According to census.gov, 56.7 million people have some sort of disability. That’s nearly one in every five Americans. Do you really want to create a product which is totally unreachable by almost 20% of the US population? Accessibility testing is an absolutely vital aspect of software development and testing.

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Case Study

Qualitest Performs Accessibility Testing for Global Consumer Goods Website

Accessibility Compliance Retail

Qualitest Drives Best Practices for Accessibility through WCAG 2.0 Compliance testing. Qualitest’s Accessibility case study provides a comprehensive yet cost effective approach to ensuring accessibility for all customers.

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