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fetal health monitoring app
Case Study

Connected Medical Device Manufacturer Gains Ultra-reliability for Fetal Health Monitoring App

App & Web Load & Performance Medical Devices

When this manufacturer of connected medical devices created a fetal health monitoring app, quality assuring its entire platform’s absolute dependability became an end-to-end performance testing imperative.


Get Ready for the Beginning of the (Not Just Holiday) HACKING Season

App & Web Cyber Security Retail

We’ve compiled a list to help avoid some of the common traps and dangers online during this season of increased cyber crime activities, which is also relevant all year long.

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drone mapping
Case Study

IoT Innovator Achieves World-Leading Automation for Drone App

App & Web IoT Test Automation

When this drone mapping IoT pioneer needed advanced capabilities and test efficiency, they approached Qualitest to deliver an ultra-reliable solution.

visually impaired mobile interface user
Case Study

Leading Credit Union Achieves Digital Accessibility Gold Standard

Accessibility App & Web Banking & Financial Services Credit Unions

When this credit union discovered its web banking application needed much work to improve its accessibility on web and mobile, they set out to make it universally inclusive.

Case Study

Financial Services Leader Deploys Universal Mobility Platform and Modernized Test Strategy for Flawless Digital Experience

App & Web Banking & Financial Services Load & Performance Service Virtualization UX & Usability

Network virtualization synchronizes mobile banking app performance for major financial services enterprise across complex mix of global territories, regulatory regimes, and bandwidths. Advanced testing methodology accelerates release velocity at scale.

Black Friday performance testing

E-commerce Performance Testing: Are You Really Ready for Black Friday?

App & Web Load & Performance Retail

Performance testing is crucial for any e-commerce business that wishes to not only keep its credibility during the holiday season, but also maximize revenues and keep customers happy.

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Mobile App Accessibility Testing

Enhance UX for Your ENTIRE AUDIENCE with Mobile App Accessibility Testing

Accessibility App & Web UX & Usability

Today, everyone needs access to reliable mobile apps that work easily for them, regardless of special needs. If your app development ignores accessibility, you’re making a costly mistake.

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Case Study

Qualitest Digital Banking Solution Is Right on the Money for Top Credit Union

App & Web Credit Unions Load & Performance

Qualitest planned and executed comprehensive performance and stress testing of the online and mobile apps to ensure that the new digital banking solution was working properly and had not suffered any degradation to end user response times.


7 Technology Blogs SaaS Product Leaders Should Follow in 2021

App & Web Cloud

By following the right SaaS, quality assurance and technology blogs, you can provide your team with valuable inspiration, information, advancements and ideas.

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Case Study

Qualitest Enables a Seamless Digital Transformation for a World-Leading Weather App

App & Web Digital Transformation Media & Entertainment Scaled Agile

To serve its immense global market and maintain its reputation for exceptional accuracy, the Client embarked on a digital transformation that would provide fast, accurate, user-friendly, defect-free software.

Case Study

Qualitest Delivers Real World Testing Under Real World Conditions to Unisfair

App & Web Media & Entertainment Telecom

The client needed to identify issues encountered in the “real world” that affected the quality of the broadcasts, specifically focusing on elements such as the smoothness of transitions and the general user functionality and experience throughout the broadcasts.


Why Soft Launching Your App is Not a Great Idea

App & Web

Many companies soft launch their apps, but this practice is mainly a habit that is done despite its many disadvantages. There is a better alternative to doing a soft launch and we’ll discuss that, but first, let’s answer the first question – why is doing a soft launch for your app not such a great idea?

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